Sunday, February 26, 2017

And I can ride three hundred miles and I can ride three hundred more......

Plans are underway for our tour to Biarritz, 300 miles to first stop, didn't see that coming!

Hello everyone, hope you have all had a great weekend and not let the weather get in the way, pretty rubbish at the moment isn't it. 

I thought I would start my blog by touching on our tour to Biarritz in France, hubby has started to plan the route and has pin pointed where the first stop from Caen should be.

After hunting for the first guest house and finding a beautiful place in Berneuil five miles from Saintes and running it pass me and our two friends Mike and Jackie who are touring with us hubby is happy with his first stop.

Me, well I was really pleased that I didn't have to hunt for a b&b or guest house for four people, not easy I said before he started, make sure there is secure parking I said, don't forget ensuite bathrooms I said, and dont forget we need two rooms not one.

Blow me, hubby found a beautiful place for us to stay for our first night. Looks absolutely gorgeously french and just up my street and I know that Mike and Jackie will love it.

After praising hubby and saying that it was beginners luck to find the guest house it dawned on me that I hadn't asked how far we would be travelling from Caen to the first stop. Well talk about mouth dropping when he told me it would be 300 miles approximately and calmly. I had to think for a minute, 300 miles, we had done 200 miles for each stop last year, but 300, ok, yes we can do this I thought, 300, yes we can do it, maybe a little sore on the bott but it is acheivable (you can listen to me and my thoughts leading up to the tour in future hubs, lucky you!)

Moving on, so we have four Sundays to go until Motogp starts. Hallaluyah! Seems like it has been a very a long winter.

Can't wait to see Rossi back in action, 10th title here we come!

These two below are going to bring fireworks to the party! (Forgive me if I'm wrong but Vinales looks very much like Lorenzo?)

So, poor Marquez dislocated a joint at a private testing, sure it won't stop him fighting for the title. Full of energy this one, youthful and demanding. Watch this space he has more competition than usual.

Welcome to Michael Dunlop a fab rider who rides bikes on the most difficult tracks in the world. Why don't you ride Motogp? No challenge for you? Lets see how you do this year. Isle of Man TT in my eyes is insane.

Suzuki being my favourite ride as a pillion (sorry Triumph friends, later, when hubby and I need to slow down, lol) love the bike, speed written all over it.

Welcome WSB I'm looking forward to writing about you all, yes, I have watched you year on year as hubby follows you, now I am following you and look forward to seeing the difference between Motogp and WSB, no competition with Isle of Man TT. Watch this space....

So, these are the guys, I'm sure you petrol heads are acquainted with them, their faces I need to get accustomed too, heard the names but not seen the faces.

So, first up for a win at Phillip Island is Rea who makes it a double win and his 40th career win! Well done you....

Moving on to the allotment, well, what a shock, when we arrived we found that a panel in the greenhouse had blown out. Pretty annoying as my grandson Bradley was with me and being the nanny that I am wanted to impress only to find glass all over the floor and the poor little seedling shaking in their trays.

A huge panel had blown out and it had shattered across the whole of the allotment site, I spent ages cleaning it up, in the cold! Thankfully hubby was with us and saved the day by getting and fitting a new panel in a flash.

Unbelievable that the little plants that decided to show their little heads survived storm Doris, pretty pleased really but a little annoyed to find out that the plot is full frontal to the wind and gales.

Leeks are doing well.

First of the sweet peas appearing at the allotment.
Marigolds just coming through.

The beans are coming on nicely..

So Bradley my grandson decided to join us up at the allotment and he was so happy to help, not only with the wheelbarrow but also was keen to get us set up with our first video, something that I was apprehensive about doing. Funny how the younger generation encourage their elders to progress with technology.

The link for our first video

Bradley set to work with setting up the selfie stick to my phone and showing me, I repeat showing me, a ten year old how to do a you tube video. Hopefully the link will work if not go to Trudy Cooper on you tube to see the video.

Now this picture was sent to me on facebook by one of my friends on facebook. Awesome yes, I would love to ride this and take piccies whilst doing so, you? Now if you know where it is please let me know, because my friend who posted it doesn't!

Thats it for now, take care all,

Ride safe......

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday With Rossi, World Superbike Championship Calendar, and More Chinwagging with me.....

We Know I Love Many Things Including Motogp, My Allotment and Riding,
De-Weeding Ahh No!!!

How does he do that?
Hi folks, hope all's well with everyone. Wheelie Wednesday has arrived, here are the latest piccies I have found for the week of my favourite of all time Valentino Rossi. 

Sat here, after having the most horrendous job to do today and thought writing on my blog would put things back to normal.

So today I have had the awful task of de-weeding. Now, I'm not talking about de-weeding my borders at home in the garden or de-weeding at the allotment, no, I'm talking about de-weeding the dreaded block paving. This is a picture below of the paving before I started the job. The path isn't too long, but I am not kidding you it took hours of my precious time to de-weed!

Before de-weeding.....

Looking at the picture below I really do think now it was worth the effort. One of those jobs that can make the whole garden look fresh and new if you de-weed.
After de-weeding.... Good job I say!

Now this is the tool that I used, it was brilliant, absolutely essential for the job.
My de-weeder for the block paving, brilliant.

All that's left to do now is pressure wash the bricks to bring them up lovely and clean, get hubby to put sand into the gaps and that job will be done for the year hopefully.
Back to Wheelie Wednesday, as we all know Rossi turned 38 this year, did you know that this will be Rossi's 22nd year in Motogp? He was 16 when he started in 1996. What an absolute legend.

Not long now folks until Qatar and I'm sure that I am not the only one that is really excited to see the riders in action once again. I thought I would add the race calendar again to remind us all, I think there may have been a slight change with one of the dates but not 100% sure so I'll update you when I read it on the motogp website. Next up though is Losail International Circuit for another test.

I hope that Rossi takes a break from his promotional events prior to Qatar, he has been so busy in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam and travelling and time differences can take it out of all of us and I would have thought affect the results in testing for Rossi, do you think I could be right? I know me and the millions of fans that he has will be rooting for him. We shall see won't we.

Definitely think there is going to be a battle between all the riders this year. So many changes.

So, the 2017 Superbike World Championship Calendar has been published with entries from Kawasaki, MV Agusta, Honda, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha and Aprilia.

The calendar:-

  • 24th to 26th February - Australia - Phillip Island
  • 10th to 12th March - Thailand - Chang Circuit
  • 31st March  to 2nd April - Spain - Motorhand Aragon
  • 28th April - 30th April - Netherlands -Assen TT Circuit
  • 12th to 14th May - Italy - Imola
  • 26th to 28th May - UK - Donington Park
  • 16th to 18th June - Italy - Misano World Circuit
  • 7th to 9th July - USA - Laguna Seca
  • 18th to 20th August -  Germany - Lansitzring
  • 15th to 17th September - Portugal - Portimao  

So there we have it, lots to watch or go and see so far in the world of motorbike riding and I know that there is lots more to add which I'll do as I find the info.

The riders:-

Jonathan Rea - 1
Leon Camier - 2
Stefan Bradl - 6
Chaz Davies - 7
Xavi Fores - 12
Alex De Angelis - 15
Markus Reiterberger - 21
Alex Lowes - 22
Lorenzo Savadori - 32
Marco Melandu - 33
Leadro Mercado - 36
Ondrej Jezek - 37
Roman Ramos - 40
Eugene Laverty - 50
Michael van der Mark - 60
Tom Sykes - 66
Nicky Hayden - 69
Jordi Torres - 81
Ricardo Russo - 84
Ayrton Badovini - 86
Randy Krummenacher - 88

Personally, I haven't followed World Superbike Championship previously but hubby has. He keeps up with all the racing, I have only managed to keep up with the Motogp, up until now, I have every intention of trying to follow as much racing as I can this year. Just like getting the grow your own bug, same applies to racing and riding.

Which leads me nicely on to an update in the suntop. I popped out and had a look today to see if anything new had popped up and to my surprise the cauliflowers have appeared and so have some of the marigolds. Nice surprise so I gave them a little spraying of water then covered them all again until the weekend.

Really pleased with the leeks, I'll leave them a little longer, perhaps until they are double their size then transplant them into pots until late spring.

Really pleased with the sweet peas! Everytime I check them they look even more gorgeous. These were sown on 31st October 2016. Their ready to be re-potted but it won't hurt to leave them a little longer until the weather gets a little warmer.

Can't believe the cauliflowers have appeared, seen in the picture above.
Marigolds me thinks....
And finally the marigolds, now I am going to be totally honest, I thought that I had marked up all of the trays but this one escaped me and I am sure that they are marigolds but won't know until a little later when some of the others come up which have been marked up. We shall see....

Anything else to add today.... yes I forgot for a moment, Michael Dunlop is to race the new GSX -R1000 with Bennetts Suzuki, another great rider and the Isle of Man TT is fab and another one to watch.

Whilst I am writing on my blog hubby is researching for our trip to France, down to Biarritz, once I have more info I will update you, that too is going to be fab, I can't wait to set foot back in France. Have a little while to go yet though and our trip to Wales with the Triumph Motorcycle club comes first.

Well think that's it for now, don't forget that if you want to leave any comments they will be more than welcome.

Oh and bye the way, who's your bet on for Motogp this year? And please add your photos of your motorbikes I would love to see them.

Until laters, ride safe my biker followers, and happy gardening my allotmenteers.

Positive thinking is my motto!!!!