Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday and What a Weekend With Motogp

What a fabulous start to Motogp!

Never under estimate Rossi!
Good start to a fresh new season!

Well, what a race, after a very slow start due to conditions the wait was well worth it wasn't it folk.

Rossi never fails to entertain us fans...

Well done to Maverick Vinales, the team look well pleased.

And Rossi, competitive and calculated as usual.

Very true that teamwork gains the best results especially in the case of Yamaha!

Lovely to see Rossi beaming with satisfaction it's as if he's saying to all those who thought he had reached his limit take that you lot!

And Vinales too, he looks so determined and raced with determination.

Now, who was it who knocked Rossi's camera off the back, when I watched the highlights on Channel 5 I couldn't quite make out who it was?

Here we have the standings from the first race at Qatar, great to see Vinales and Rossi right up there. Well done to Dovi too.

True friends....

What a great bunch of guys all raring to go with hunger in their blood to win that title.

Round up of some of the quotes this week I've found on the web:-

Vinales - 'I feel incredible and it shows in the results. We did a great a job during the whole weekend and we started good in the test, then in FP1 we were already feeling really good. The race was difficult, it started to rain and there was a bit of confusion because we didn't know what to do. The first laps were very challenging, the track was so slippery and I wanted to take it easy and stay calm. I knew I had good pace, so I tried to push at the very end of the race. There were many crashes at the front, so I waited for the right moment and finally we took the victory'. Quote motorcyclenews

Rossi - 'Starting the season with a podium is always great, better than last year'. 'I have to say a great thank you to Yamaha and all my team because in all this period I always felt a great support and trust in me'. Quote Autosport

Dovizioso - 'I'm very pleased with the result and the job we did this weekend: it was difficult for everyone because of the conditions we encountered, but we calmly arrived at the race with a competitive set-up. We were even better at choosing the rear tire on the grid, changing strategy and switching to the soft tire. In the final part of the race I tried to hold back Maverick but I don't think that we could have done anything better today'. - Quote Cycle World

Iannone - 'I made a mistake'. 'Maybe this is a lesson for the future, I have to wait for a better situation to pass a slower rider and not be so impulsive'. Quote Motorcyclist

Zarco - 'We can say that (it was) a rookie mistake'. 'I just wanted to go, and I said that if you make the decision to go fast and push, you can find the limit. I accept what I choose'. - Quote

Espargaro - 'For sure, this track for us was our weakest track' - Quote Autosport

Marquez - 'After the race, I think with a hard I was able to fight for the victory until the end But maybe I was also able to crash! Because the hard in the end gives less warnings, and maybe I put the hard, I'm more competitive, but I crash'. - Quote

Just some of the many comments made on line. Eww, it's gonna be an exciting season me thinks....

So, our weekend was great, went out for a rideout with hubby, first one this year, not to cold and I'm ready to start building up the time spent sat on the bike for our tour to Biarritz later on in the year to get my bottom prepared for lots of miles.

This is Bess, our gorgeous bike.....
Follow my story to see where she takes us....

A272 Corhampton road, just has to be done for the first rideout of the year.

Anyone would think it was the middle of summer looking at that sky!

So, the first ride out with the Triumph club starts this weekend leaving from Lysses Car Park, Fareham for a 9am departure. We will be going to Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury to view vintage aircraft flying and enjoying refreshments from the Skies cafe.

So, that's it from me for this week folks, great start to the new season of motorbiking, racing until later, ride safe......

Monday, March 27, 2017

DIY Cold Frame Made Ready for Hardening of my Grow Your Own Plants

Look at my DIY coldframe made from odds and ends from around the allotment
Not bad eh!

My goodness what a challenge this was! It had to be done though because everything was getting so big in the greenhouse and it's far to warm in there.

Took me around four hours to do, but I was determined to get it done, I found some old panels around the allotment and after digging out the bed and removing most of the soil I placed two of the panels inside the bed, perfect fit, I then moved the cauli's, leeks and sweetpeas into the make shift coldframe and put two more glass panels on top of the frame with a small piece of roofing I also found lying around placed at the far end on top.

Job done, hopefully when I go up to the allotment at the weekend I'll be able to plant out the cauliflowers.

Cauli's and leeks now in the coldframe, good job done!
Marigolds are doing well, they'll be the next to go into the coldframe and I'll put them out with the tomatoes when the frosts are no longer.

Look at the celearic and the cucumbers, amazing, never thought it would be warm enough but must have a really good allotment plot in the proper place. Although I must say it is really windy at the moment on the plot.

Got quite a variety of tomatoes growing and hopefully the greenhouse will be big enough to take them all, although I will try to grow some in the ground later on. Can't believe how big the courgettes have got so I'll pot them on before I leave.

Nasturiams and lavatera looking good too. I'm hoping to add these to the flower border with the Chard and Sweetpeas. Can't wait to get started on that part of the project. Hopefully the colours will make the plot a lot prettier.

So managed to only just fit in repotting the cucumbers and courgettes before it was time to leave.

I must admit I was absolutely shattered when I left and my knees were really giving me jip. I'm hoping that I haven't caused a really big problem with them, my left knee is already dodgy from riding to long on the bike before stopping, now the right one is through kneeling and digging!

Next weekend, all of the plastic is coming off! I just can't stand to look at it any longer, and then I am going to mow in between the beds and tidy the edges, after that if time is available I will plant out the cauli's into the bed at the back on the left hand side. I also need to get on and sow some cabbages.

Feeling really pleased with myself at the moment, everything that I have grown in the greenhouse and in the suntop at home is flourishing. Can't wait to see it all growing in the beds at the allotment.

The Suntop

So the beans and the sweetpeas are well ready to be hardened off.

Every morning I will take the trays of plants out of the suntop and then put them back in at night and next weekend they will be taken up to the allotment to give me more room to grow my flowers for my garden.

So exciting!

I've also grown a tray of little baby gem lettuces in the suntop so if the ones I sowed in the greenhouse at the allotment don't come up once these have been hardened off they can go in with the parsnips!

The thought of failing when planting in the ground is not an option, so backup plan is in place.

Sweetpeas ready to go up to the allotment once they have been completely hardened off

Beans and more sweetpeas to go up to the allotment once hardened off

Moving on, my little blackbird has been sitting on her nest for about ten days now, amazing to watch the amount of time that she spends sitting there, what patience she has!

I tried to get a picture but was concerned I might disturb her, not sure if you can see the outline of her or not.

So, for now that is it, back to work, hopefully everything will be ok up at the allotment, it hasn't been that warm but just a little concerned that it has been warming up over the last few days and I'm hoping the plants can manage until Saturday!

I really wanted to crack on and speak about Motogp, but as I said in a previous blog I have to seperate the two because as the season progresses there is going to be so much that I'm going to want to say!

Keep a look out for my next blog where my enthusiasm for writing about Motogp, Valentino Rossi and the other riders and riding with my hubby is as exciting to me as my allotment.

Until later, happy sowing, digging, planting and watering!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday and are you Ready for Motogp at the Weekend

Sunday will soon be here and so will Motogp yippee... 

Seems like it's been a long time coming Motogp this year, I suppose it's because we all know that it's going to be a very exciting year with all the changes to the teams.

With Rossi desperately yearning for his 10th title and Vinales keen to win the championship the Yamaha team is raring to go.

Then we have Lorenzo who has moved to the Ducati factory team, I wonder how his performance will fair with this team.

Marquez on the other hand is probably thinking to himself onwards and upwards as he races with the Repsol Honda team and with Dani Pedrosa as his team mate.

Nobody knows what is going to happen this season but one thing is for sure Marquez and Vinales will be interesting to watch and with Rossi wanting that 10th title it's gonna be one of those programmes that you just cannot miss, sitting on the edge of our seats shouting at the television at our favourite riders. Bring it on....

So lets have a roundup from the web, just a few for you to view of comments made by the riders:-

Lorenzo - 'Dovi will probably be faster than me; as he was at pre-season testing, I'll try to do my best, as he'll do too. Quote - Autosport

Smith - 'It would be nice to come here and fight for points, maybe that's a little bit optimistic, but let's set the bar a little bit high and see if we can chase that'. Quote - Autosport

Pedrosa - 'I'm happier than I was this time a year ago'. Quote - The Diesel Head

Rossi - 'My only goal is to win the title'. Quote - MCN

Marquez - 'I'm looking forward to this weekend, because race weekends are more enjoyable than testing, and I'm completely motivated to fight for a good result' - quote

Gradually I seem to have my followers sending me their wheelie pictures thanks to all...

Love this one...

And this one....

Strange but true you know, whenever I mention to folk that I am a biker the expression and answer is one of disbelief. I'll never understand why. Responses are much the same, 
'I would never have put you down as being a biker!


Makes me wonder what non motorbike riders think of us lot.

Normal or mad? Your guess is as good as mine.

I suppose that if back in the day when my mum and dad road motorbikes with their friends if they hadn't been given the title of mods and rockers the way that we are looked at now may be a different kettle of fish.

So the first meet & greet has taken place for our Triumph Club. Great evening with Mike discussing just some of the events that we will be doing.

Great crowd...

The option of wearing t-shirts and sweaties in the same colours was put to the club by Bob.

With the lads wearing all blue.

The ladies however had a mixed opinion, some wanting pink  (yuk, my personal opinion!)

Others wanting red or grey.

Me, well as me and hubby don't ride a Triumph at the moment (Suzuki Bandit) I think that I or we will go with the flow, if I like the t-shirts and the colour the ladies choose then maybe just maybe I will buy one.

That said I'm not one to lets say follow the crowd and one thing is for sure I definitely won't be wearing pink!

(And definitely not barbie pink!!!)
I'm not saying that I'm not feminine or glamorous, I can be if the mood suits (I associate pink with my lipstick!) I'm just saying I think pink is for girls or shall we say the ladies of grease!

So, the first rideout with our club is on 2nd April, more info to come in a later blog.


Ok enough said about pink, lets get back to the all important matter of Motogp.

With only three days to go until the first race of the season who's excited? Me of course.....

Round 1 - Qatar

2016 podium - Lorenzo, Dovizioso, Marquez

Top Speed - 218.2mph

Circiut record - Lorenzo 1m 54.927s

Track length - 3.34 miles

Well just need to say now good luck to all the riders lets have a competitive and challenging Motogp! And let's hope the weather holds up for the first race.

Thanks for following and keep your eyes peeled for my next blog....