Sunday, March 12, 2017

Finally Testing has Started Motogp Starts in Two Sundays...

And so it begins, finally testing has started,  all the waiting is almost over!!

Evening folks, hope your weekend has been good, mine? Well let's say it's been pretty hectic.

 I'm sure you all know already testing has begun and that alone has proved to be exciting. I for one cannot wait to see what the riders are going to be achieving this year. Especially when it comes to Rossi, it would be so great if he could get that 10th title under his lid.

Valentino Rossi is back, fit, fast and ready to take the Motogp by storm!

And welcome to my blog Maverick Vinales, Rossi's team mate at Movistar Yamaha, oh yes, these two are going to have us sat on the edge of our seats throughout the season and we just cannot wait can we!

Session 2 ended with the Movistar Yamaha team at the top for the fastest lap, by the time I have finished writing on my blog I would think that Session 3 will be coming to an end and I'll update you on Wednesday. 

Wow what a great piccy of Rossi, look at the riding style, legs, arms and back so precise and not at all stressed, focused stance, with head down and giving it all he's got or almost....

Vinales riding style is a lot different, have to find a piccy like the one above to see if he is riding uptight or not.

Why mention age? Absolutely not necessary!

So pleased for these two guys, good start at testing and it's lovely to see Rossi smiling again.

Just a brief news roundup from around the web:-

Rossi - 'We improved very much feeling with the bike because I suffered a lot in the winter tests, so this lap time is important. We will tomorrow try to continue like this and also make the pace to try to understand our bike.'

'For the first time with the new bike, I have a better feeling with the font and I can enter the corner faster We tried a lot of things and I have to say thanks to Yamaha because they give me a lot of support'. Quote

Vinales - Its nice to feel fast and also on the pace. I think today we did another step and I feel quite comfortable on the bike, the team is working good. - Quote

Dovizioso - 'It is nice to feel the effect of the new fairing, because it was very difficult to create a good fairing, with a similar downforce like last year with the new rules. Our engineers did a great job' -Quote

Can't wait to see this lot in action again, can you?

So I must go now, trying to help hubby with finding b&b's for our trip in September, proving to be a little, let's say, challenging.

Ride safe everyone.....

Thanks for following....

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