Friday, March 10, 2017

I Thought The Idea Was to Grow From Seed in The Ground at Your Allotment he Said

Tomorrow I will sow Parsnips!

Well, what a response I got when I asked an allotmenteer how tall do my leeks need to be in the trays before I pot them on....

Everything is looking happy at the allotment, but I think that I am getting a little confused.....

You see, I have always loved gardening and I have always loved to potter around my little garden and have a go at growing flowers. I started with one of those little three tier greenhouses and have progressed from that to my lovely suntop and now my allotment with it's gorgeous greenhouse.

But, I think I have probably started my allotment journey a tad confused....

You see, Jeff the allotmenteer I was speaking too (ironic he has the same name as my critical hubby!) after mentioning to him that I wasn't sure what I should do with my leek seeds that are in trays, said to me, but I thought the idea was to grow from seed in the ground. I paused after thinking about what he said and hastily said yes I know but I have a huge greenhouse which I am growing from seed the veges to plant in the beds later.

Although he was an experienced allotmenteer he couldn't answer my question because he sows straight in the ground.

It got me thinking...

Am I approaching this new exciting challenge in my life the wrong way? Because I had and have always grown in a greenhouse in pots and then potted on and then planted out in it's final space or pot, I totally forgot in my head that I now have the space to plant in beds without starting from seed in a greenhouse.

That said, I like sowing seeds in pots and potting on so I am not going to change my ways. However, I am going to start sowing seeds straight in the beds tomorrow.

Reluctantly I must add, apprehensive, excited and nervous because you see I have never done it that way.

What if I sow the seeds to deep or to shallow? What if it's to cold? What if....... So many what if's.

It doesn't matter how many gardening books or mags I read I am to say the least so nervous and apprehensiveabout wasting time with no rewards, talk about newbies when it comes to growing in the ground. Watch this space to see if I succeed.

I suppose having the plants growing nicely both in the suntop and the greenhouse I have backup but I know that I have to take that step into the unknown. Yes, I'm ready and tomorrow I will sow parsnips!

So I'm hoping Brad wants to come up to the allotment with me this weekend, I might be lucky will see.

Jobs fore the weekend:-
Divide Snowdrops
Sow Broad Beans (done this already)
Prune Autumn Fruiting trees

Weather this weekend is rain at times with sunny spells, and maybe a little frost.

For now then, happy allotmenting.....

(Brad we really must get Grumps to take a better piccy of us!)😁

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