Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday and are you Ready for Motogp at the Weekend

Sunday will soon be here and so will Motogp yippee... 

Seems like it's been a long time coming Motogp this year, I suppose it's because we all know that it's going to be a very exciting year with all the changes to the teams.

With Rossi desperately yearning for his 10th title and Vinales keen to win the championship the Yamaha team is raring to go.

Then we have Lorenzo who has moved to the Ducati factory team, I wonder how his performance will fair with this team.

Marquez on the other hand is probably thinking to himself onwards and upwards as he races with the Repsol Honda team and with Dani Pedrosa as his team mate.

Nobody knows what is going to happen this season but one thing is for sure Marquez and Vinales will be interesting to watch and with Rossi wanting that 10th title it's gonna be one of those programmes that you just cannot miss, sitting on the edge of our seats shouting at the television at our favourite riders. Bring it on....

So lets have a roundup from the web, just a few for you to view of comments made by the riders:-

Lorenzo - 'Dovi will probably be faster than me; as he was at pre-season testing, I'll try to do my best, as he'll do too. Quote - Autosport

Smith - 'It would be nice to come here and fight for points, maybe that's a little bit optimistic, but let's set the bar a little bit high and see if we can chase that'. Quote - Autosport

Pedrosa - 'I'm happier than I was this time a year ago'. Quote - The Diesel Head

Rossi - 'My only goal is to win the title'. Quote - MCN

Marquez - 'I'm looking forward to this weekend, because race weekends are more enjoyable than testing, and I'm completely motivated to fight for a good result' - quote

Gradually I seem to have my followers sending me their wheelie pictures thanks to all...

Love this one...

And this one....

Strange but true you know, whenever I mention to folk that I am a biker the expression and answer is one of disbelief. I'll never understand why. Responses are much the same, 
'I would never have put you down as being a biker!


Makes me wonder what non motorbike riders think of us lot.

Normal or mad? Your guess is as good as mine.

I suppose that if back in the day when my mum and dad road motorbikes with their friends if they hadn't been given the title of mods and rockers the way that we are looked at now may be a different kettle of fish.

So the first meet & greet has taken place for our Triumph Club. Great evening with Mike discussing just some of the events that we will be doing.

Great crowd...

The option of wearing t-shirts and sweaties in the same colours was put to the club by Bob.

With the lads wearing all blue.

The ladies however had a mixed opinion, some wanting pink  (yuk, my personal opinion!)

Others wanting red or grey.

Me, well as me and hubby don't ride a Triumph at the moment (Suzuki Bandit) I think that I or we will go with the flow, if I like the t-shirts and the colour the ladies choose then maybe just maybe I will buy one.

That said I'm not one to lets say follow the crowd and one thing is for sure I definitely won't be wearing pink!

(And definitely not barbie pink!!!)
I'm not saying that I'm not feminine or glamorous, I can be if the mood suits (I associate pink with my lipstick!) I'm just saying I think pink is for girls or shall we say the ladies of grease!

So, the first rideout with our club is on 2nd April, more info to come in a later blog.


Ok enough said about pink, lets get back to the all important matter of Motogp.

With only three days to go until the first race of the season who's excited? Me of course.....

Round 1 - Qatar

2016 podium - Lorenzo, Dovizioso, Marquez

Top Speed - 218.2mph

Circiut record - Lorenzo 1m 54.927s

Track length - 3.34 miles

Well just need to say now good luck to all the riders lets have a competitive and challenging Motogp! And let's hope the weather holds up for the first race.

Thanks for following and keep your eyes peeled for my next blog....

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