Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday and Spring into March With These Wheelies and More From Me

Welcome, you lovely lot! Don't you just love it that it's March, I do.....

So winter has it's highs and lows but when your a motorbiker there seems to be more lows than highs! Temperatures are to cold, salt on the road, raining, just not a good mixture for the motorbike and rider is it. With March here the weather should start looking up and that means I will be able to get out on the bike hopefully with my hubby and Triumph rider friends. The minimum temperature for me is 12C, ok for you hardy lot including my hubby who thinks I'm a bit of a whimp you may not be bothered by the cold but me I am.

Hello Rossi! Lovely to see you again.....

Now who is this? Not sure, can someone please let me know! I think other riders want to be on my blog as I'm starting to find more wheelies of other riders on the web.

Don't we just love the skill of this man!

Cant wait to see these two in action again..... (not sure what the writing says, but i'm quite sure that motogp can see that there is going to be some rivalry between these three like I can.

And yes, not long now folks before we ride into action with Motogp and me for one just cannot wait!

I really love March, not only was I born in March but I love it that we have managed to get through to the otherside of Winter. I can start thinking about getting out on the bike again as the temperature should start to rise very soon (repeating myself I know). Daffodils are everywhere and they are my most favourite flower other than Roses of course.

And baby lambs are being born and nature and wildlife will soon start to blossom for another year.

And of course Motogp is just around the corner and that will mean that I will have a lot more to write about. Quite tricky when there is no racing going on thinking of things of interest to share with you guys.

Now I had to include this picture, Maverick Vinales could not look any fitter could he, young, fresh and raring to go, I for one cannot wait to see what he has to offer to Motogp, hopefully him and Rossi will bring it home for the Yamaha team.

There will be a fight I am sure between all of the riders but competition makes the race more intriguing to watch, eww it's so exciting....

Had to add this picture.....

Do you know who he is? Let me know...

And this one.....
Can't wait to see these three in action and would love to see Rossi at the front more than not. Hope he has been resting.

Found this lovely poem and thought I would share it with you all. Lovely words to see March in.

I want to get really serious now. So the new law in the UK should you use your mobile phone whilst driving is that tougher penalties have been put in place, £200 fine, 6 penalty points, and if you are a new driver of up to 2 years your licence will be revoked.

As a pillion rider I still think that this is not enough. Riding pillion I get a really good view of drivers on the road using their phones, and to say I don't like it is putting it mildly. It makes me feel very vulnerable, and really on edge that that person is not concentrating 100% on the road,  I just don't get why drivers can't just switch them off for the journey.

Me and my biker friends I know love the thought of no phones whilst we ride. Why not adapt the same attitude.

The picture is pointed at drivers who use their mobile phones whilst not concentrating on their driving only

Anyway enough said, let's get back to the here and now.

Have had a satisfying couple of days, was taught how to do a screenshot with my phone, unbelievably easy, never new you could do that until I spoke to one of hubbies friends who was trying to download the confirmation from for our holiday to Vendee in France in May. Really glad to have been taught how to do that. Then later on in the day was taught how to use the torch on my phone. Trudy's getting really technical lately.

I have also set up on my facebook page a group called Motorbike petrol head friends. Don't ask me how I came up with the name but it just dawned on me that us bikers are petrol heads and we ride motorbikes and on facebook your all my friends. So many of them it was just time to set the group up. If you want to join please do, I'm hoping that friends will download piccies of their bikes and hopefully some doing wheelies so I can add them to my blog. I do however have to learn how to find the group, sounds daft I know, same with my blog, I spend at least 10 minutes fiddling about with the computer trying to find dashboard. Mad I know but I still haven't got my head round it. No worries, I don't give up easily.

So nothing to tell you about the allotment since Saturday (check out Sunday's blog for the link to my first video done with my grandson) and in the suntop not a lot of movement since the weekend. I'll update you all at the weekend.

 Just remembered,  that poor Marquez had a nasty fall in practice. Ouch!
 Now Rossi,  we want to see you first over that line. Get more rest so your ready, plenty time to play later.

So I have found out where this road is, do you know?

That's it for now folks, ride safe and start dreaming of riding the roads in the sunshine and watching the racing.

Until later......

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