Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Who would have thought it cauli's are up and ready to pot on

Looks like me and mine will be having plenty of Cauliflower cheese this year!

On visiting the allotment I was greeted with a very big surprise, so many of the seeds had popped their heads out of the soil. The cauliflowers were amazingly green and fresh and had grown so much that I just had to pot them on.

Hopefully I haven't potted them on too early, I really didn't have much choice the tray that I sowed them in was just not big enough. Everything seems to have come alive in the space of one week!

My first job was to pot on the baby cauli's and then I made sure that I had labelled up all of the pots. Quite a task.

I just couldn't believe it when I noticed I had a melon! I really hope that I can keep them all alive.

The leeks I will pot on at the weekend, in talking to one of the allotmenteers in the waaga shop he advised me to pot them on and leave them in their pots until they are as tall as a pencil. So, that is what I shall do and hope that they survive.

Everything is looking so green and fresh. I just hope that they will survive three or four days without water. Can't wait to go to the allotment at the weekend and see how they are all getting on.

Beans are doing well....

Garlic is surprisingly doing well too. Just got to stay positive and hope that this challenge doesn't become a headache for me, already I am fretting over not going up in the week. I'm sure I will have to go up at least every other day to water. I'll have to figure out a plan so that I can do it.

I would never have thought with the cold weather that we have had that on visiting the allotment the cauliflowers, melons, tomatoes, marigolds and sweetpeas  in the green house have out grown their spaces, all in the space of one week.

Going to have a lot of work to do at the weekend as more sowing is needed of courgettes and a few other things, I'll update you as I progress.

Now my little helper Bradley was unfortunately not well at the weekend so no video was done, maybe if he feels better this weekend I can get him to set me up to do another one, really was great fun doing it with my grandson.

The potatoes are chitting on the windowsill too, so all in all everything at the moment is going to plan.

I do have to get myself a lawnmower, non electric as I want to cut around the beds to make it nice and tidy again, I may leave it a couple more weeks as the weather is still very unpredictable and I don't want to start to early as once you start there is no stopping!

I've noticed that the site is quite windy so I am going to have to be sure when I put the canes in for the sweetpeas that I make sure they are right in the ground so as not to blow over.

So exciting, the suntop too has loads of seeds growing in it, the plot will be full if they decide that they want to grow.

I hope you have had a good week at the allotment and the posts that I am reading from others are very useful and I am taking on board all of the advice that you are sharing with me.

Thanks for following.

Until later happy allotmenteering.....

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