Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday and Chinwagging About Motogp at Texas

Way to go Rossi, 10th Title Getting Closer me Thinks....

Well, well well what a race! Seemed to be so much going on!

Rossi's words....

And the team are happy....

Hi folks, it's that time of the week again when I share your piccies and chinwag about Motogp.

Thanks for all your great piccies so many excellent pictures of bikers doing what they do best with their bikes.

I have added quite a variety this week for you all to take a look at, aren't they great, please keep them coming, I love to see what you folk can do with your bikes, so much talent out there!

Motogp for me is not available until the Monday on Channel 5, thank goodness they cover it.

My way of reading  but not seeing or hearing how the race is going on the actual day is through Twitter.

I log on to my twitter account and the people that I am following send me up to the minute tweets on what is happening at that specific time throughout the race.

It's quite amazing how I picture the race in my head by what others are saying. My emotions go up and down during the race as I picture what is supposedly going on.

Give it a go if you have to wait until the Monday like me to watch the race it's a really good way of getting an idea of what is happening and if your anything like me you may even get a buzz from it!

So, this was the official Motogp Class Tyres which were used for the race that might interest you all....

Well done to Marquez another win at Texas to add to his wins there.....

Brilliant, leading on points, 10th title here you come....

Ok, so here is the best bit other than the photos, the round up of comments from the riders posted around the web, I love doing this gives me an idea of what the riders are thinking....

Folger:- 'It is strange because normally at the end of the race I feel stronger on the bike, especially when the fuel is less, but this didn't happen here, I tried to do like always and adapt with a differenr riding style with the lighter bike but it was not working.

We will analyse everything and see what happened. There was not much time different to the top six so that is positive but I have to learn to make less mistakes and be stronger in the fight'. Quote -

Vinales:- 'I couldn't have done anything about this crash, said Vinales, who is now six points behind Yamaha team-mate and new championship leader Valentino Rossi and 12 clear Austin winer Marc Marquez in third.

I know the tyre was not as good as this morning, because on the left side I had some warning at the start of the second lap.'

'I'm disappointed about the race for myself and the team because they worked really good all weekend and then yo get a tyre without the same grip we had in the morning and I crashed doing the same thing as the morning'. - Quote Autosport

Smith:- 'It was a tricky day with tire choice. When the sun came out we were a bit worried about whether the soft tire would really work, and we had done the majority of our work on that tire choice. The hard tire was okay when we had grip but then we had problems when it slowly disappeared. I was a bit nervous when I saw Pol's bike smoking and after that, I just tried to look after the bike and the tires. I started to push a bit to see if I could stay in front of Bautista but he was strnger than us. In the end I just tried to finish the 21 laps to get some important information for the team.

We always knew that this race was going to be dfficult one for us. I'm proud that wwe were able to have a bike that could do one fast lap, now our objective is to move forward and make one that does 21 laps'. Quote - Bradley Smith Website

Crutchlow:- 'It was a good race, I felt confident throughout and my team did a fantastic job all weekend. Of course, I'm a little disappointed not to get the podium because we were very close, but I took oo long to pass Johann Zarco and after that I lost a little bit time running off the track'.

'But I felt comfortable dring the race ad physically strong, and I was still able to push towards the end. I would have liked another podium, but a third in Argentina and fourth here in Texas is good from the last two flyaway races. Hopefully we can carry this momentum into the first European round in Jerez'. Quote - Coventry Observer

Marquez:- ' I was playing a lot with the set-up, trying to find staility and have more confidence, for some reason we didn't find it, then I was looking to tyre life because the front tyre I was destroying a lot.

'In the race everone suffered but we were able to manage quite well and I felt better. Bit still it didn't feel like I wanted'.

'The mistake of Argentina was big and I didn't want to repeat it'. Quote - Autosport

Rossi:- It was a great surprise for me and for the team because we were struggling very much with the new bike, especially during the winter'.

'I thik we need more time to understand the setting ad te way to ride it, but at the end this bike is very good, especially in the race and with the used tyres. I'm so happy about Sunday's race, because I wasn't so far from the front and it's also the best result of my career at this track, so its good'.

On the penalty Rossi said:- 'For me, the penalty wasn't right, the problem is we either do it like this, or we crash together at a ery dangerous point. But for me, though accepting Race Direction's decision, the mistake was made by Zarco'.
 Quote -

Lorenzo:- Obviously, ninth place is not a good position, because we are here to fight for the championship, and to win. For the moment this is not possble, but we are much closer to the other Ducatis, and we are much closer obviously to the other competitors'. Quote -

Steve English had a chat with Mike Webb about the Rossi time penalty and the thinking behind the decision from Race Direction to give 0.3s penalty, here's what was said:-

Interesting read.....

Next Motogp Event:- 7th May 2017, Circuit, Circuito de Jerez, Location, Spain, Circuit Length, 4,423km, Width, 11m, Pole Position, Left, Longest Straight, 607m, Left Corners, Five, Right Corners, Eight

That's it for me folks for this week, I really must try to start gathering this information earlier! I always leave it so late....

Ride safe all and please keep adding your piccies to my facebook and twitter account I love to share them with others, don't forget to like and share.


Monday, April 24, 2017

My Attempt at Making Wigwams for the Sweet peas

No laughing at my Wigwams!

Hi folks, well it's been yet another busy Saturday down at the allotment, I managed to get my wigwams up, no laughing now, it took me ages, not an easy feat, but I finally got them up and the sweet peas are in with lavetera in the middle. Can't wait to see them in the middle of the summer right up the top of the poles, and  I know they smell lovely too!

It doesn't look much at the moment I know, it is getting there though, once all the beds show signs of growth I'm sure that the plot will look totally different than it does now.

Hubbies really good at watering...

The cauli's are doing well and so are the onions, this weekend if the weather is ok I plan to put in the leeks.

No sign from the spuds or the sweetcorn under the cover but the rocket and salad leaves around the outside of the bed are starting to come up.

Now the two beds either side of the wigwams separated by the bricks looks like a load of weeds but in there is chard, because I am not sure what the seedlings would look like I have had to let the weeds grow so that I can distinguish which is the chard!

Little gems are coming up nicely, on Saturday I will tidy them up and put them into neat rows, signs of the parsnips are there too.

Sweetcorn's under the cloche.

Look at these beauties, the sweetpeas are going to be fab....

Cauli's are doing well too, can you see the little row of seeds as well, can't remember what they are at the mo but I have put a label in and will check and let you know later.

Onions are few and far between but the bed will be full once I put in the leeks.

Leeks, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes, Nasturium and Marigolds all ready to go in the ground but me I'm not ready for them!

Chard in there somewhere!
No sign of spuds...

Greenhouse full to the brim!

So I have to plan my time and it's proving to be difficult. Each new challenge I take on takes an awful lot longer than I thought it would. For example, I thought that the wig wams would take lets say one hour max to put up, who was I kidding, they took me a good two hours and then the sweet peas took another two hours to put in and tie in to the canes. Just hoeing the one onion bed took an hour!

It really is very time consuming and very slow to show all the hard work that I put in.

That said I absolutely love it, when I go up next time I look at what I have done so far and the plants growing in the greenhouse, cold frame and the beds and feel really pleased with myself.

I'm still not convinced though that I can actually grow in the ground, sounds daft I know but I haven't got to the stage where I can eat anything yet, once that happens then I will start to believe in myself.

The Suntop

At home in the suntop I have other plants too that I am nurturing  either to go in the garden or up at the allotment.

Sunflowers above which I plan to put right at the back of the allotment so that when I go up I hopefully will be greeted with a load of bright tall yellow flowers which will also hide the fence at the back during the Summer.

Tomatoes and Sweet peppers, these will be taken up to the allotment and grown on in the greenhouse, not yet though, not until I have potted them on.

Lavetera, Celeriac and I'm not sure what the others are, unfortunately lost the marker!

Melons and more plants that have no markers, sure they are flowers...

Little parsley, only one seed took.

Well, that's it for now folks, hubby and I have started to cycle up to the allotment during the week to water, gonna be really fit if I keep this lot up!

Happy allotmenting until later....

No wonder I'm shattered! Just found the picture that I posted in one of my first blog's about the allotment, I'm sure I have sown most of these seeds!!!!

Thanks for following and don't forget to share.....