Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter Sunday Rideout With Some of our Triumph Friends

Better late than never I say!
Picture book memories of a day with some of our Triumph friends...

Hi folks, apologies for the delay in getting these pictures out.

Lovely picture of the ladies!

And of course some of the lads!

A great ride out with a few friends on a not so warm but dry day.

Never fail to have something to talk about!

The bikes and all the riders looked lovely as normal!

Roads were quite clear today, where have all the cyclists gone!

My chance here to put the record straight, one of my Triumph rider friends quite rightly so felt awkward but never the less put me right by saying that the beautiful fields of yellow at this time of the year are actually rapeseed fields and not linseed. I am so glad she told me!

Gosh, look at those colours!

Trying to figure out what the lady with her arms up in the air is doing, do you think she's dancing....

Now this photo below looks interesting any idea if it's a track for motorbikes?

I love it when I can get a piccy of all the bikes together whilst riding pillion, very rare as we all keep our distance but really pleased when I can....

Traffic's starting to build up now...

This car caught my eye whilst stopping for fuel, gorgeous dont you think I wonder who owns it, guessing his name is Phillip!

Wow, how cool is that!

Bess looking lovely as normal!

I remember the bold forester pub from many moons ago when hubby and I first joined another motorcycle club and the meets would be held here. Brought back significant to me memories of days riding with others gone by...

After a lovely carvery lunch we set off once again....

New Forest ponies happily grazing not bothered by us bikers....

Really windy down at New Milton and quite cold too so we didn't have icecream after all!

Well thats it for now folks, thanks for a great day out.

Until later, ride safe....

One more thing, not sure if videos work....

Don't you agree?

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