Monday, April 10, 2017

Finding Muscles Where I Never new I had Them After Working on the Allotment

Been so busy at the allotment everything progressing nicely!

Hi everyone, been so busy down at the allotment everything seems to be moving on far to quickly for me. Time for an update.

So what you can see below is the cold frame full of plants that were originally in the greenhouse, my aim is to get them out into the ground at the weekend. I thought when I built it there would be plenty of room for the plants that needed to be hardened off but things are just progressing so very quickly.

What we have in the picture above is the cauli's, leeks, beans and sweet peas all raring to go in the ground since I wrote last on my blog about the allotment.

Loads and loads of work to do, the leeks will stay in the cold frame but the cauli's and sweet peas are well ready to go in the ground.

The greenhouse is really well placed with the sunshine on it most of the day, as you can see the courgettes and the sweetcorn are doing really well.

Sprout seedlings above planted last week, up the next week! Amazing....

Tomato plants are just thriving, it really is remarkable how well everything is doing here.....

Celeriac, peppers, melons, unbelievable!

Suntop at home pictured below is to doing really well, lettuces, nasturiam, lavetera, more tomatoes, melons and courgettes.

Now I am going to be honest now, I do have a couple of trays of plants like the one above that I have for some unknown reason not labelled, I'm sure there are others like me that have forgotten to label! Any ideas? I think they maybe peppers but not quite sure.....

Back to the allotment, and I'm not kidding you, my body after mowing the grass and trying to sort the borders with my new push lawn mower and my bare hands is and are sore and very tender, as if I had worked out at the gym two days in a row on all of the different apparatus! Talk about a workout.

Before mowing above......

And after 10 hours hard labour!!!!

The two main men in my life came up and repaired the felt roof, no more puddles in the shed!

They both worked really hard and done a brilliant job (rose bush wasn't to happy though!)

I've also uncovered all of the beds ready for the plants and seeds to go in. The soil was dug back at the beginning of the year and now all I have to do is rake over before I start planting. Just can't wait for this bit in the project.

Lovely new felt roof. Well done my lovelies.....

No sign of chard yet, only time will tell......

Garlic's doing wonderfully.....

And so are the beans.

So there you have it, a lot has been going on since the last time on my blog. And I'm sure that things are going to progress very quickly.

The plan this weekend, put up the wigwams for the sweetpeas and get them in, put the cauli's in, move the courgettes into the coldframe and the tomatoes, sow some seeds into the seed bed, which I have to choose which of the beds is going to be the actual seed bed as I have never had one before but Monty Don said on Gardeners World that we would reap the rewards if we sow them into a seed bed first, so thats my plan.

I have a holiday at the end of May to France so I am planning to harden off everything so that I can move it outside the greenhouse because the greenhouse gets far to warm, my plan is to take one of the tables out of the greenhouse turn it upside down on the decking by the shed which gets some shade during the day then put all the plants on the inside of the table (stay with me!) and then cover the table with netting to stop the birds getting to the plants, I could also feel the bottom of the table with water it is metal and the plants would be fed from under instead of on top, not sure if I have explained that very well but I understand what I mean and I'll show you in a later blog what I mean.

The theory being that the plants will survive a week with me not being up there, your thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Can you see the blackbird in her nest?

My blacky has been on her nest for over 15 days now, surely the babies should hatch soon!

Anyway for now folks thats all up to date, I hope I can make time to come back later to talk about my allotment and update you all with my progress and not leave it so long next time.

Until later happy allotmenting!

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