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Wheelie Wednesday With Your Pictures & Roundup of Motogp

Well done to Vinales, Rossi, Crutchlow & all the Riders for a Brilliant 2nd Race at Motogp

Oh my goodness, what a fab race, so much going on. Marquez and Pedrosa losing the bike same place has to be mentioned. What a shock!!

And Lorenzo, what was going on!

And Rins, with his bad ankle, you just had to feel sorry for him.

And Espargaro!

Factory Hondas and Factory Ducati's mmm....

Well all I can say if this is what we have to look forward to for the rest of the Motogp then bring it on....

I wish you had been in my lounge on Monday night, sitting right on the edge of my seat I was!

The problem I have is that I have to wait until Monday evening to watch the Motogp on Channel 5 and because of this I can't even check facebook or twitter because if I do I will no the result before my hubby and that wouldn't be fair would it? Would it?

I'll try to wait.....

Moving on I want to thank everyone who posted their pictures of wheelies on my facebook and twitter pages, if I have missed you out then don't worry, re post and I will add them next time.

Not quite a wheelie but just so brilliant!

The doctor does a fab wheelie!


Breaking area of turn 5 and Rossi makes the break....

Love this.....
And this....

Not sure about the pink shirt.....


Love this one!!

So lets have a look at what is being said around the net about Motogp and the riders with a roundup:-

Vinales - 'We made the tyre decision aleady this morning. The tyre's grip level was really good. I feel really happy and confident. It's like we are in a dream. I have to say thanks to the team. They are doing a great job so let's continue like that. Quote Yamaha Motogp

Rossi - 'Pre season for me was a disaster. I was very sad. But Sunday afternoon when you cross the line is the most important. In my long career, I have learned that you always have to stay concentrated and never give up. A lot of things can happen. The race in Qatar gave me a good vibe because I started to know the bike better and, even if I suffer, I can be competitive on Sunday. I hoped to be stronger here in practice, but I suffered a lot.

On Saturday we were a little bit lucky to catch Q2 in front of Dovi. In warm up I started with the first bike. It was not so bad, but I stopped to try something else. It was important to understand the setting for the race. I was struggling in braking, be we improved the balance. I was very strong, especially after the back straight.

Good start, good first lap, but, especially, I could push to the end. I felt comfortable with the bike, better than in Qatar. The fight with Cal was great. He had a fantastic pace. When I followed, I saw that I had a bit more.

Problem for me is that Maverick did a fantastic preseason. He was always strong. Today, he was not so far, but he was a bit faster. We need to work. Quote - CycleWorld

Crutchlow - 'I managed to stay on the bike, which isn't normal in a tricky situation, when the bike moves a little it's really easy to lose the front' - Quote www.motorsportmagazine

Crutchlow - 'I could've beaten Viales'. - Quote MCN

Espargaro - 'We must be happy. But on the other side, I think we had the opportunity to do a little more. We are missing some speed in the straight to overtake the two guys I was fighting with. (Hector) Barbera and Tito (Rabat). It was a shame because I felt faster and we were faster today. We could have been in front of them at the end of the race, but it was impossible to do it.

 We still have some weak points, but on the other side, I congratulate the guys, they are doing a good job. We are making steps, for sure we are still far away but we are starting to see the light' - Quote UltimateMotorcycling

Smith - ' Today was a great day for us as a team because we scored our first points with both riders. We made a good step forward from Qatar because there we weren't able to fight with the group ahead of us. Here we could both stay with Barbera and Tito for most of the race, so we improved by another 3-4 seconds. I was really pleased with my race.' Quote UltimateMotorcycling

Marquez - ' In your career you always have good and tough situations - I don't like to say 'bad', he added, but it's in these moments that you have to try to learn and get better. We weren't so good at the start of the last season and we won.

This year we didn't start in the best way, but there is a long season left. We have to learn what we did wrong to improve the bike. I'm eighth in the championship, I'm behind. But is important to know that we are in a good level, because we fell in Argentina in the lead.

However, for now the two Yamahas are very strong, Vinales and Valentino'. Quote - Autosport

Pedrosa - 'I lost the front in the second corner. Our bike is very difficult to control in the bumps and generally speaking it was very difficult for the set-up here to run over the bumps - really hard to get the bike 'quiet' said the Spaniard'. - Quote

Lorenzo - 'It was a long time ago, maybe Australia 2009 that I don't make the first corner, very disappointing. I needed more than ever to find the kilometres and laps to keep the improvement we made during the weekend with the position of the bike, with the way of riding using more the rear brake to stop the bike.

 In the warm-up I felt very good, got a good start, but on the first corner I decided to go into the inside, there was a lot of bikes there and somehow I found the rear wheel of Iannone. I touched him just a little bit and the bike was going into the other side and I crashed. Very disappointed. - Quote Autosport

Iannone - 'In my opinion I didn't gain any advantage beause I just moved a bit but then imediately stopped. And also on the first corner, I lost too much because Jorge hit me very hard, and I don't know why I didn't crach, I'm very lucky. Because of this, my opinion is that the Race Direction could have given another evaluation of the situation and maybe not dictate such a penalising ride through.

It's a shame because my pace after the penalty was good, maybe not enugh for the podium, but for sure I could have fought for the top 6' - Quote

Zarco - ''Yes, very very, happy about the fifth position. I got two positions better because Marquez and Pedrosa crashed. But anyway, I was able to fight'. Quote

Well, lots of words....

Here's the leader board.

Just a few thing to note going on elsewhere....

This is going to be fun....

Well done Yamaha team....

That's it for now folks, thank's again for your piccies,  keep posting your piccies on my facebook and twitter and I'll add them next time.

Until later, ride safe......

Thats me....

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