Sunday, April 16, 2017

When you Think Your on top of the jobs at the Allotment

When you think your on top of the jobs at the allotment and realise your no where near close!

Hello everyone, well things are really getting exciting at the allotment and growing very quickly, in fact to quickly for my liking!

I have to try to find the time to carry out all of the jobs, what with working and riding (not that I'm complaining about either) my time is totally consumed.

I have managed to get two days up at the allotment this week, Thursday and Saturday and I worked my socks off trying to get as much done as I could.

What did I do I hear you ask, well, I managed to get the potatoes in after chitting them for about six weeks, that wasn't easy I can tell you, and I still think that I planted them to close together, but only time will tell.

This earthing up business is going to prove tedious too, I think that if I'm right once you start seeing anything appear you have to cover them again with soil. I hope that's right, and that's what my gardening book says to do so that is what I will do. My guessing is that you only do it once? I don't know!

Managed to plant the Cauli's above, had to do it because they had out grown their pots! Hopefully we won't get a frost.

The cold frame is full to the maximum with the leeks, sweet peas and marigolds, all thriving and really ready to go in the ground. As I mentioned in an earlier blog I'm good at growing in a greenhouse and in pots but in the ground is a totally new experience for me.

I didn't find time to get the sweet peas out as I haven't managed to put the wig wams up yet! That is another challenge for another day.

Lettuces are starting to appear and I have taken the cloche off as I only have one and need it in another bed. No sign of the parsnips yet but that's fine as I have been told they take a while, I plan to de-weed next weekend and try to make head or tail of which are the parsnips and which are weeds. One thing that I must say, is that it really is important to put in the labels at the end of the row you plant your seeds in, reason, you need to be able to determine which is the parsnip and which is a weed, especially if you haven't grown in the ground before.

My broad beans are my inspiration at the moment, I look at them and think, yes Trudy you can do this, you can!

I love the greenhouse, everything is thriving and ready to move on to the next stage. To say I am apprehensive is an understatement.

There's an old boy on the allotment who always comments and is amazed at how good my plants are, and I'm thrilled that he is impressed, I have told him that I have never grown in the ground and his advice to me was 'follow your instinct, your a natural'.

I really hope he is right.....

Courgettes and melons are thriving ready to go into their final spaces in or out, I have decided to plant them out, reason, not enough room, courgettes I mean, the melons I really, really want to succeed with these and I'll show you my progress along the way.

So, under this cloche I have sown sweetcorn, would be lovely if it appears, I love corn on the cob and my family do too, I really hope that I can grow it. In this bed I have also planted lettuces, radish and rocket, all salads that I love, in fact, if I had my way we would live on it, but hubby can manage twice a week at the mo, that will have to change if I succeed with what I'm growing!

Ok, so on one side of the border I have put in the grow bags ready for tomatoes and cucumber plants, ran out of time this weekend to get them in, so, plan is to put them in their final positions next weekend.

Peppers will be grown in pots and stay on the shelf. Melons will be grown in the borders on the opposite side of the tomatoes. (Been out riding today so forgetting what else will be left in the greenhouse!)

Really impressed with the Courgettes, but they will have to go outside, I just won't have enough room inside.

Garlic is doing well too! And so are the weeds....

I want to get this blog out tonight as I have two more to do and I'm doing extra hours at work this week so time is limited, hence, no pictures of the suntop plants, it's dark now and to late for me to go into the garden and take piccies. That said, everything is thriving and I'll add pictures next time.

So, all going well my plan is to de-weed all the beds next weekend, get the wigwams in so the sweet peas and long peas can go out, plant the tomatoes in there final spaces in the greenhouse and the melons and pot on all the many plants that need potting on. Oh, and plant out the leeks, they are ready.

Now the leeks so my readers digest gardening book tells me are not that simple to plant, you dig a whole, put the plant in, don't cover it but fill each hole with water. Now that's new to me....

The sweet peas too, you plant them in their final place but you have to make sure that their roots are spread out before covering with soil. I am so glad that I am taking tips from books and my twitter and facebook followers that are in the know and of course of Monty Don!

Before I end for today I wanted to mention my blackbird, after 14 days approximately she decided for what reason I do not know to abandon her nest in my garden, to say I was upset is an understatement.

So, take heed, if you have a garden bird that visits daily and has done for many years and decides to make a nest in your garden, prepare yourself, it's quite upsetting to find that for some reason she decides to abandon the nest with four eggs unhatched left behind.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why she left but still visits daily to feed and so does the dad.

Until next time.

Happy allotmenting....

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