Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Celebrating with Valentino Rossi on Wheelie Wednesday

Congratulations sent in bucket loads to Valentino Rossi on his win at Assen.....

Hi folks, hope everyone has had a good week so far! What an achievement for Rossi and a great race too, wasn't a walk in the woods was it, he certainly had to use his skill in this race.

Can't wait to start looking to see what is being said around the web!

Thanks for all your wheelie piccies this week, seem to be getting you lot motivated to do them! My facebook and twitter account are just brimming over with the talent that you riders have out there!

So, lets talk about Rossi first shall we before I see what others are saying, my congratulations go out to him in bucket loads, with such a unpredictable season so far and having absolutely no idea what will happen next in the Motogp this year, Rossi coming up trumps was a pleasure to watch.

He's obviously back in top form health wise and the bike was working to it's full capacity too. 

I believe that if the bikes right then Rossi gets on the podium, so all the changes they have made have obviously worked.

Let's hope that they leave the set up as they have it now and let's also hope that Rossi doesn't overdo it  on his ranch with the academy!

'Now that's what I call team work'

Look at the fans, pure delight!

 Germany this weekend, what do we think, can he pull it out of the bag again? Well being the optomistic soul that I am I think he can. Bring it on Rossi.....

And Vinales had a lucky escape, so close to being squashed by the Ducati, hope that he's not to sore! 

Way to go Rossi!

O.k, let's have a nose around the web see what's being said by the riders and the teams....

Rossi:- I'm very happy because the race in Assen was incredible. Returning to the top step and taking the victory was very important for me, because the emotions are always fantastic, and it was also important for the championship. 

Thinking about the next race in Sachsenring, I don't know what to expect. We've seen that from one track to the other everything can change, so we have to work in a good way to find the best solution for the upcoming track. 

I like the German GP, it's an unusual circuit that's different compared to Assen. It will be essential to be competitive there too. We will do our best'. Quote - Valentino Rossi

Petrucci:-  'Last year I did my best qualifying ever (fourth), very close to Rossi who started third. I was leading in the wet but after the change of the bike, I crashed because Dovizioso was putting pressure on me.

 This time is different.

 We head to Germany strong of a podium on the dry. I feel well and I would like to try to fight for the win'. Quote -  BSN

Marquez:- 'The last lap was fun with Cal and Dovizioso and we'll take these 16 points. After the first part of the season to be only 11 points behind is really good. We need something more but we'll get there.

Sachsenring is a circuit I like, and it works well for my riding style and for Honda. For this season there's new asphalt so we'll see when we get there but it's a circuit where I feel strong - time to attack'. Quote - Motogp

Dovizioso:- 'This championship, like the championship of last year, it's so important to not make a DNF, a zero. Unfortunately, we already did a zero, which was not my fault, and this will affect the championship. I think sometimes like today, you have to not take all the risks you could take.' Quote - BSN

Vinales:- 'I'm very lucky, I have to say thanks to Dovi because he didn't [hit] me. For sure it could've been much worse.

I'm still four points from the championship leader, I've recovered pretty well from one race to another'. Quote -

Smith:- 'I'm OK but just a little bit frustrated, I felt pretty good and was in front of the group that was fighting for the top-eight, but then they edged ahead as I had a new set up for this race.

I found my rhythm. However, I ran into turn seven a little bit too fast and tucked the front.

I'm really sorry for the team as it's quite frustrating that this has happened, but we'll regroup and improve the motorcycle for Sachsenring next weekend.' Quote Oxford Mail

Redding:- 'Just when the tyre started to drop it was out of my control again. I'm disappointed with the way it finished, but I'm happy with the start.

There were some positives from this weekend. It was a good qualifying in an action-packed weekend, and it was a good race until we crashed.

We need to look at the positives, make it last longer and show some potential at the Sachsenring'. Quote

Zarco:- 'Sachsenring is an interesting track that is quite small, but there are a lot of left corners. I won the race there last year when it rained a lot, which is a nice memory.

Of course, it will be great to have three days of clear weather this time but let's see what happens.

 I have a good feeling on the bike and I am happy about how the weekend in Assen went because I got the pole position and I was strong at the beginning of the race.

I want to remain on this pace so that I can fight again, and have the opportunity to get on the podium in Sachsenring which would be fantastic to achieve before the summer break.' Quote - Motogp

Love em....

Valentino Rossi's team:- Massimo Meregalli - Team Director
'Straight after the mixed weekend in Assen we arrive in Germany ready to get back on track. Maverick and Valentino are extremely motivated to score the maximum amount of points this weekend.

They both challenge for the lead in the championship as we approach the mid-championship summer break.

Both our riders felt competitive during last week's race and we are determined to continue the work this weekend so we can compete at the front again.

The Sachsenring is a very peculiar circuit that's narrow and has a slow nature, so it will be important to find a good set-up that suits the new surface on the Friday in the free practice sessions, in order to prepare for Sunday's race.' - Quote


Folger:- 'It goes without saying that I'm looking forward to Sachsenring. It's a special race for me every season but even more so this year because I am in the Motogp class.

 A lot of people in Germany will support me at the track and I hope there will be a big crowd. We did a great job in Assen, apart from in the race, where I made a big mistake, which I won't do again. I think that we can perform well in Germany and I hope that the weather stays dry because it was a bit complicated to set the bike up in Assen as the conditions were always so mixed.

 Anyway, I will do my absolute best to make my home crowd proud this weekend'. Quote - Motogp

Lowes:- 'Honestly, as a rookie, I feel like [the year] has not been a disaster, the results have not been perfect, but it's all about how I finis the year'.

Asked what result in particular he was targeting on Sunday, Lowes said 'Top 10. Why not? Should be good'. Quote -

Rins:- 'I passed the first lap in last position, but later I was trying to overtake step by step the other riders, and finally before it started to rain I was in 14th position, so this is really positive for me.

When I changed the tyres, it was a bi of a disaster. I was thinking it was two laps raining, so maybe it happens the same as the warm-up [When it rained heavily unexpectedly].

Anyway, now we think of the next races. I feel good on the bike and with my hand I don't feel any problems'. Quote - Autosport

Pedrosa:- 'The championship is still very close and I look forward to getting back on my bike on Friday and fighting for a good result on Sunday'. - Quote

Well, looks like it's going to be an interesting race, what with new asphalt and the summer break approaching the riders I'm sure are going to give it their best shot in Germany. And lets hope it doesn't rain!

(Me after a weekend riding with the Triumph Solent RAT Club, I don't normally look that tired! Notice the T-shirt!!!!)

Anyway, that's it for now folks, hope your week continues to go well and lets look forward to another great Motogp weekend.

Ride safe.....

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