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What a Wheelie Wednesday and Catching up with Motogp

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Hello everyone, welcome back!

Well, I'm not going to ponder on the last race too much, everyone has their own personal thoughts on the happenings and me well I'm going to keep mine to myself!

I will say though, that I hope that the Yamaha Team are working with Rossi and communicating better for the next race!

Leaving it there, I thank you all once again for the great pictures, they really are a treat to receive in my facebook and twitter pages and I love being able to share them with all my followers.

Me, well I managed to get out with our Triumph friends this weekend and it was a real treat to get out on the bike again.

Me and Hubby with Bess!

I wouldn't want to be the one to have to clean these bikes! Mad.....


Lets see whats being talked about around the web shall we.....

Rossi- Going back to the track immediately is very important to us, especially after a test like Monday's in Brno, where we tried so many things. During the weekend in the Czech Republic we were fast in every condition and the test helped us to understand a bit more. Now we go to the circuit of Austria, that's not very favourable to us, but I hope we can fight for a good result I'm fine with the YZR-M1 now, I can ride the bike better, I'm happy and I hope I can fight for the podium at every race. The championship is still open and it will be important to take as many points as possible'.

Pedrosa:- 'The Red Bull Ring is pretty much a new circuit, as we have only raced there once and we don't have much experience with the track. Last year we struggled to find a good setup, but we're looking forward to a better result this time. We had a good test on Monday in Brno after the race, so in Austria we'll begin on Friday with a setup we know is working for us and then we'll try to build on that, with a cear plan for every session. Again, the weather may be something to take into account so we must be ready for all conditions and focus on maintaining this good momentum'. Quote - Motogp

Lorenzo:-  'Let's see if I am ready enouth to fight for the win'.

'Probably I would like to have Austria at the end of season! Because for sure I would be more prepared and more natural with the bike, but it's okay. It's better now than the first round. I think we arrive in a good point because we found something on the bike that gives me more consistence. So Austria arrives just in time'. Quote - CRASH

Marquez:- 'The Red Bull Ring is a circuit where we struggled quite a bit last year but hopefully this year it will be different. Brno also used to be a challenging track for us but in the end we got a fantastic result, so we're going to Austria feeling positive. In the post-race test we were able to look into aspects of our bike's setup, also in view of the next race, such as getting better acceleration and reducing the wheelie-ing. Of course we also need good stability on the brakes so we'll see; as always, it will be a matter of finding a good compromise. We'll do our best to get a good result and to gain important points for the Championship'. Quote - Motogp

Crutchlow:- I am quite disappointed and I'm glad it's over. We had a front tyre grip issue, the team is investigating the problem but what we know so far is that the front tyre pressure went too high after few laps.

I had to slow down, I had to ride alone if I wanted to finish the race. I nearly went down two or three times on those first laps, but I managed to pass Valentino (Rossi) and if I could have stayed ahead I'm confident I could have ridden to my own rhythm. But I finished tenth and we are looking forward to the next race'. Quote

Iannone:- 'Its a shame we couldn't make better use of the soft tyre, but unfortunately this morning I crashed two times in the trial trying to push the bike to its limit, and this cut some of our time off. We focused on trying out some new improvements for 2018, and I feel the direction is correct. My feeling on the bike improved a lot. In fact, today I could lap much faster than yesterday in the race Also the pace improved. I spoke with Alex and he had pretty much the same feelings I had, therefore I think we are all on the right path and we have a good chance to improve'. Quote Team SUZUKI ECSTAR

Rins:- 'Today it was a very positive day because we were able to try so many pieces and this is always a positive thing. I tried a new chassis, the one Andrea has been using for a few races, and I felt much more comfortable We will try to use it in Austria, and if we see we can work in the same good line we will use it. We improved the corner in speed and also in the corner exit. Overall it was a very positive test for us so let's see if we can take a step forward after today's improvements'. Quote - Team SUZUKI ECSTAR

So there we have it for this week, let's see what Austria brings ehh!

That's it for now folks, have run out of time.

Until next week, ride safe.....

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