Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday from the French Pyrenees

Hi folks,

Well guess youv'e gathered I'm on my hols!

Yes, wer'e close to Biarritz, we have stayed here for a few days and have spent a few days touring the french pyrenees and the spanish pyrenees.

These are just a few that I have randomly picked from my phone to give you a taster of what we spectacular riding there is to be had.

Oh, and I need to remind you that these have been taken whilst moving and riding pillion. I must add, as hubby loves the bends the piccies were not taken whilst moving slowly if you get my drift!

Some of the piccies have been taken holding the phone pointing backwards to get a picture of our friends behind of us. Not bad me thinks.

The day after tomorrow we spend three days making are way back to Oiusterham, staying in b&b's along the way.

This blog will be posted before we set off. Remember this is only a brief encounter of our trip and there is so much more to come!

The experience has been good, and I'll share with you the main piccies that I have taken on my camera when I return to the UK and all of the routes and preparation hubby has done for the trip.

The weather was great when we left the port and the overnight crossing was that good you wouldn't have known we had been on a ferry!

So when we left the port there was a beautiful red sunrise, a great big ball in the sky that followed us for at least an hour on our onward journey.

My thoughts at the time were we are going to have great weather, how wrong was I!

The weather has been to say the least good, we have had a lot of rain and a lot of cloud. But, at least travelling down from Caen to here the weather was dry.

Going over the French and the Spanish pyrenees was dry but our return unfortunately was wet and put a damper on the ride back.

We have spent the last few days chilling after a lot of riding.

Well, not quite sitting still we have also done a cycle ride which seemed to go on forever to get some decent exercise after sitting in the saddle for so long.

So, whilst we have been away Rossi has injured himself and I understand has missed the last Motogp. That doesn't mean at this stage that he is out of the running in my eyes. On checking facebook I'm getting the impression that most have written him off. Me, well I haven't, 10 rings a bell to me, and after following Rossi for so long, if it's possible for him to compete then I think he will try.

Will have to wait and see.

Anyway, well done to Marquez, who I understand is not happy with Rossi fans for booing him. Me too, I think that we are better than that, and, booing is not acceptable.

Motogp fans are of a different breed of fans, not tennis fans, not football fans and indeed not F1 fans, we are the fans that the general public love to hate, biking being written off in the UK and so I have found out whilst being in France not liked here either. It seems to me that the Spanish and the Italians are the true lovers of riding motorbikes not just motogp.

When my hubby asked at the bar in France can we watch Motogp the guy responded a definite NO, we were both to say the least flabergasted thinking that for such a long time the french loved riders and Motogp.

It seems that we were wrong! After a time, and me saying to hubby 'well, that has really shocked me', we both came to the decision that this must be just the opinion of the area that we are staying in.

We have toured France many times on our bike and this is the only time we have not been accepted with open arms.

Shame really, wer'e with friends, showing them the way so to speak, and I just hope that they haven't been put off by the experience because we know that most of France open bikers with open arms.

So I have tried to keep a journal which has proved to be difficult as hubby has constantly been using my tablet to check the weather and do routes for the trip, all the words have been written just pictures now to be added.

Piccies have all been taken and the memory on my camera is full. These will be downloaded when I return home and we have some great memories to share with you all.

I have taken some piccies on my phone, which, I am sharing with you tonight, I hope you like them, and as you can see, we have had lots of fun so far.

As for your pictures, thanks for continuing to share them with me, I love receiving them and your posts.

Zarco:- 'For me the race was difficult, but I think it was  difficult for all the riders. From the warm up I sa that I didn't have a vry strong pace, but a tthe beginning I felt like I had some control and I cul see that the others were not much faster than me. I had tostay focused and I sa a few people like Crutchlow and Lorenzo crash, which could be dangerous for me in the Championship, so I thought that if these guys are crashing then it must be dangerous for all the riders. 

The race was long and was getting less wt step by step; this gave me some confidence but not a s much as I expected, so I still had to control a lot. In the end I was managing the gap with Redding until the last lap when I had no fuel from Turn 11, so I tried to go step-by-step and keep the fuel until the last corner, but the bike stopped and I had to push the bike on the straight. It was pretty long and when other riders overtook me I thought 'Ah shame!', but I wanted to go to the end because this is the race mind set. I took 15th position, so one point - it's better than nothing. - Quote Motogp

Whats being said around the web:-

Lorenzo - ' From the outside it looks as if I was pushing a lot as I was a secnd quicker than every body else. Obviously I wasn't slow but I wasn't risking so much and it was normal, opening the throttle smoothly to save the rear tyre and trying not to take risks in the corners where we are leaned over, but I lost concentration for just a couple of tenths which was enough to change direction and it was enough to lose the rear wheel and I flew off It was a real pity because without this i could've stayed on the bike and made a good advantage, but I crashed so my race was over.' Quote Motogp

Onwards and upwards from Wednesday, two B&B's all booked through booking.com and then on to Caen for the ferry, hopefully the weather will be fine and the crossing not to choppy.

Hopefully there aren't to many spelling mistakes, no time to check, to busy having fun!

When we get home I'll try to find time to download our experience this year and share it with you.

Until laters, ride safe, next blog will be written from the UK.

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