Friday, October 27, 2017

A Great Example of Team Work Never Under Estimate

Valentino Rossi you are truly a legend

Way to go Rossi! What a great race at Motogp Australia and congratulations to Marquez & Vinales for their podium wins.

Certainly was an exciting race!

 Missed Wheelie Wednesday as was unfortunately doing my paid job! 

Let's jump straight into what is being said around the web. Malaysia here we are!

Rossi:- 'I think we are correct to be aggressive up to a certain point and this was a relly a great race, even if I had to trade paint with Iannone and Zarco, and maybe take a couple of hits from Marquez.
'Its part of the game. Otherwise you need to say at home'. Quote - Autosport

Marquez:- There remain two races, I have a good advantage but not enough, said Marquez. We'll try to finish both races, always thinking about the championship'. Quote -

Vinales:- 'After the podium in Australia we are very motivated to go to Malaysia. Its a circuit with very different climate conditions to those we've had on Phillip Island and in Japan - It's always very hot and that makes it a very phsyically demanding race. 

The bike is working very good now, so it's a little bit disappointing to arrive in Sepang without the mathematical possibility to win the title, but now securing second place in the standings is our target. We have to try to be as strong as we were for our target.

 We have to try to be as strong as we were at the beginning of the season and be on the podium again in Sepang. We will work hard to achieve it.' Quote - RoadracingWorld

Lorenzo:- 'The bike is competitive in the wet and this is positive as the race might play out in similar conditions. We need to see how the GP17 behaves in the dry though.

Marc is definitely quick in any condition, him and the Honda are proving to be quick again here. Pedrosa seems to be suffering to the lack of grip'. Quote GPone

Iannone - ' When you have to battle for the win or for the podium, you cannot always be at the limit - he pointed out - whereas that is exactly what we have to do, since I cannot find even a moment to manage or to catch my breath'. - Quote - GPone

Anyone's guess, anything can happen, I'm not presuming who is going to win.

Thank's for all your piccies, keep them coming folks...

For those of you waiting to see my holiday pictures, I can say, I'm working on it! Finally....

I'm planning to get the pictures and our story out once the Motogp has ended, can't find time to write about both folks.

So impressed with these two and the Yamaha team.

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We will just have to wait and see.....

Ride safe...

Until laters...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Great Example of Team Work

 It has to be said

I'm back!

Bet you've been wondering where I've been!

Unbelievable, had a great holiday in France and Spain, returned home and got back into the rat race for two weeks, then blow me, a patient at the surgery decided to sneeze without putting his hand over his mouth, what happens next is that me, I end up with full blown flu for the next three weeks!

It's no good I really do have to change my day job. As much as I love helping patients I don't appreciate all of the illnesses that come with the job. Any ideas would be much appreciated! And, if it involves riding our motorbike and travelling the more the merrier!

So much has been going on in the wonderful world of motorbike racing, and me, well I have been stuck in bed not able to even look at the computer screen or read about it.

Whinge over.....

 It was nice catching up with Henry Cole's programmes, him and Sam Lovegrove have a playful way about them that made me smile whilst feeling sorry for myself at the same time, Shed and Buried, Find it Fix it Flog it, both excellent shows, just hoping that he may one day do some more worlds greatest motorcycle rides especially in Europe, we loved the last series.

 A Place in the sun was good too until I realised that I didn't have one!

Missing my Triumph Motorcycle Club too, when we got back from our trip I had trouble with my right knee, caused by getting on and off the bike so many times. The flu sorted that out though with all the rest I had.

Now, like I said earlier the holiday was great, and I can't wait to share my story with you all, that said I'm afraid you will have to wait a little longer as I have to get back into my dreaded work routine before I can think about writing our story.

Moving on...

 Thank you all for your piccies I have enjoyed looking at them immensley, please keep them coming.

Now, its all happening in Motogp isn't it. Rossi really isn't having a good time of it at the moment is he. What a legend after that leg op to go on riding and so quickly after he had had the operation.

 Now Shakey on the other hand, well, what a championship, well done to him, very well deserved. Yes, I watch BSB too.

So, who do we think is going to win the Motogp this year then?

Rossi, Dovi or Marquez or is your bet on someone else?

Me, well I'm sticking with Rossi, but, that said if not Rossi I'm thinking Dovi is in for a good chance of winning.

Lets see whats being said around the web now:-

 Rossi:- 'It was a big crash this time', he said after Sunday's race. Also yesterday Saturday, but today more. I was behind Aleix Espargaro and tried to not give up because I could keep his pace. But on the left, I had zero grips. I was like on ice. It was very fast. When I realised, I was already flying. Very lucky that the leg is okay.  I have pain everywhere, but not a lot'. - Quote Valentino Rossi - The Doctor

'I want to work in the best way possible with my team and fix the issues we had in Japan as quickly as possible'. Quote CRASH MotoGP desk

Dovizioso:- 'For sure Phillip Island is one of Marquez's favorite track, and the situation will probably be a bit more difficult for us, but last year we did a good race and so we must try and work in the best possible way throughout the weekend', says Andrea Dovizioso. Quote - Ultimate Motorcycling

Marquez:- 'I knew the Ducati was faster on the back straight, even in the braking point, Marquez said. 'At this circuit I knew he would be very very strong'. Quote - BBC Sport

Crutchlow:- 'We're struggling at the moment to ride this bike with this engine in the rain. But that doesn't mean it's wrong, everyone else can do it'.

On his goals for the race, he added: 'To finish better than 15th, that's about it'. Quote

Smith:- ' I have to be pleased with what we did this weekend, said Smith. I felt competitive in all sessions, and I definitely unqualified my normal self, so I expected to go backwards a little bit [in the race].

Just with this full wet and cold conditions, it's still something we're trying to figure out with our motorcycle. It's the first time we've raced with water on the track like we had.

Crashing [in warm-up] didn't do my confidence a world of good, it meant I was too tentative at the beginning.

But overall I'm pleased with what we did and we go into the next two flyaways with a boost from the weekend'. Quote

Pedrosa:- 'It was a difficult weekend in Japan with the wet conditions, but we have to look forward to the next race. Phillip Island isn't one of my favourite tracks, so we'll definitely hae to work hard to find a good pace there. Anyway, we remain positive, looking at every race weekend as a new story. We hope for the weather to be fine and to be able to use the tyres in the right way so that we can fight at front on Sunday'. Quote ROADRACING WORLD

Petrucci:-  'I'm here for that reason, to try and win. It's been a good season with very good results, but unfortunately I've had a lot of zeros in some races too. Sometimes I crash and sometimes the bike is broen, but that's all part of the game. We're preparing well for next season, and perhaps we can fight for a better championship position then - but there's three races I like left this year too!' - Quote - Motorcycle news

So, next up Australia, if it's anything like Japan it's gonna be good! I have to say that last weekend's race in my eyes has been the best of the season so far.

With BSB finished for this season, I have to say it again one more time, well done to Shakey excellent racing.

Today is the first day that I have felt like writing anything. As for the photos of our tour I havent even attempted working on them.

As for the lottie, well, I just don't know what I will find when I go up at the weekend!

I will get to them soon I promise, so watch this space! Thanks again for following my blog and your pictures.

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Unti laters, ride safe and be kind to each other....