Wednesday, November 08, 2017

A Fine Win For Ducati at Malaysia Motogp Bring on Valencia Motogp

Didn't they all do well,  just one more Motogp to go!

Hi folks, hope your all well.

 So, Ducati done well at Malaysia didn't they.

Fabulous racing from all the riders.

Up next, Valencia.

Where has this season gone! Just went far to quickly for me.

Personally, I think it's been a fabulous season. Lots going on, with different challenges being met by all the riders and their teams.

My favourite race of the season has to be Japan, riding in those conditions at such speeds and providing us the fans of Motogp nail biting viewing, I would say exciting watching is an under statement!

Who's going to win? I have absolutely no idea, but I'm guessing it's going to be a great race at Valencia.

Thank you all again for the great pictures, please keep them coming,

I'm going to have to focus my blog through the Winter months until next year's Motogp on a new subject.

What do you think? Should I start adding reviews on motorcycle products or motorcycle gear or reviews on roads that just have to be ridden on a motorbike?

Or maybe Valentino Rossi could ask me to sale his products on my blog!

Really am stuck as to how to keep my blog going through the winter months.

You tell me, leave a message, I would love to hear thoughts on what I could add to make my blog more interesting.

Or if you want me to review your products, let me know.

One thing I know I must do is finish my blog on our trip to France and Spain earlier this year. That's a definite.

Who's your vote with?

And this guy, well, next year.....

Love these pictures below! All very random but so interesting.

Anyway, moving on, lets see whats being said around the web for the final but one time:-

Rossi:- 'Im preparing in a focused and organised manner for the final weekend race in Valencia. It's an important moment for me, I'm preparing in a focused and organised maner for the final weekend race in Valencia.

It's an improtant moment for me, I'm arriving in quite good form at the last event in Valencia. My leg has improved and I feel fit' Quote - Daily Star

Dovizioso - ' We need to be realistic - bringing home the title will be very difficult, but the battle is still open and we need to stay focused to win. In order to succeed we will need to be competitive straight away. If we are unsuccessful, I'll try again next year. The important thing is to have taken a lot of steps forward with Ducati'. Quote GPOne

Pedrosa:- 'We head to Valencia in a positive mood, looking to try and finish the season with a good result, I always feel a good atmosphere there, and I get a lot of good energy from the fans'. Quote -

Marquez:- 'I feel good because I like Valencia, says the reigning Champion ahead of the season finale. Its an anticlockwise circuit, which normally suits me'. Quote

Lorenzo:- 'Even if now I'm not aspiring to fight for the World Championship for the moment, because I'm not competitive enough, I will always believe that I can win someday and I can get it, I don't know the future. The thing I know is that I will be working very hard, I will never give up in my will to win. And I will probably be much better than this year'.

That's it folks, oh and one thing I did find out whilst researching 'what's being said around the web' is that Dovi shares the same birthday as me. Not the same year though!

You can read more about what I like to write about at:-

Anyway, that's it for now folks, enjoy the racing on Sunday, until later.

Ride safe....

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