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What a Really Great 2017 Motogp Which was Your Favourite?

Wow! What a year at Motogp!

Well done to Pedrosa for his win at Valencia.

And to Marquez, another great championship win!

To Valentino Rossi, Maverick Vinales and the Yamaha team, been great following you all this year.

Here is next years Motogp line up, get those tickets booked!

 Feeling quite pleased with myself that I managed to continue writing on my blog for a whole season.

Without the pictures that you my followers have sent me week on week to base my words on I dont think I would have kept it up. So, thanks again for your interest and the pictures.

 Some of them have been absolutely crazy! And I  for one have loved sharing them with others.

The best thing about Motogp is that it is impossible to know or predict what is going to happen next. 

Who would have thought the last race would end as it did. With Dovi high up there on the  round up of what's being said around the web part of my blog and us all thinking he had a chance of winning the championship.

I felt quite sorry for him after watching the race. It just goes to show you just do not know what is going to happen in the world of Motogp.

It does have to be said though that Marquez in my eyes won fair and square and he put on quite a show for all of us fans of Motogp.

With all of the crashes he has had and on all the occasions where he managed to keep the bike from falling. He is without doubt a very skilled young man. Take a look at the video, mad....

Moving on to our Rossi, Motogp and Rossi go together like strawberry's and cream. Strawberries being the other riders and Rossi being the cream of the crop!

When Rossi didn't race this year I felt like the riders weren't as driven as they are when he is taking part.

That's my opinion and you may disagree but I do feel that his enthusiasm for racing just shines through on the race track, I get the impression all the other riders want to impress him, what do you think?

You can actually feel the respect the other riders have for him when they do the interviews prior to a race too.

The Goat has such a reputation it will be challenging for the riders at every Motogp that he takes part in to outshine him win or not.

It does have to be said that yes Marquez is good, but he has an awful long way to go before in my eyes he is of Rossi's standard.

My opinion only.....

So which race was your favourite? This is mine....

 So, what now, another Motogp done and quite a while until the next one starts.

I could stop writing on my blog until the next season starts I suppose.

Or I could start working on the pictures of my tour this year with friends.

I could continue sharing the pictures you send me which I have great pleasure in receiving.

And I could bore you all with my antics at my lottie.

Maybe I could share the new words that I learn in french on my blog in readiness for when I get my cottage with gites in France. The dream that you all know that I have had for a long time now.

Mmm, need to win that lottery!

I have actually signed up to all of the french estate agencies, yes, so, if something does come up at the right price I will pounce on hubby who is more interested at the moment in getting yet another motorbike to get him to and from work and see where the land lies and whether we are yet on the same page.

I love a challenge and live for excitement, hence my love for Motogp, riding pillion on a motorbike and trying to grow my own, all challenging with excitement included.

 The thought of buying a new home in a new country with the potential of working with my hubby to make a living together feels me with so much positivity and drive. Makes me feel warm and cosy inside! Mad woman I hear you say.

I'll never give up on my dream and when it happens your sure to know as I'll write about our story and journey.

Moving on and coming back to reality.....

Let's finally see what is being said around the web....

This was a surprise to read.... at testing

'Valentino Rossi testing crash cost him mileage with 2018 engine'

Rossi:- 'The first priority was the engine, that is the first prototype of the 2018 engine, but unfortunately I did two laps and I crashed.

I hope that they are able to fix and we can use the engine tomorrow so I can understand'.

Asked whether the engine contributed to the crash Rossi said: 'No, no, no, Turn 10 maybe cold tyres'.

'I was already two and a half laps so I push, lose the front, I don't know if I was a little bit out of the line or (the tyre) was cold, I don't know'.

'The day was quite positive because I have good pace, and also with new tyres I can make a good laptime, I am in P4, not so far from the top.'

'And also the feeling with the bike is quite positive, we are able to find the right balance, but the problem is like we know, we have some problem of rear tyre degradation.'

'The 16 (bike) is not enough, we need to work, but I confirm that I am able to go faster with the old bike'. Quote - Autosport

Vinales:- 'It was the same bike as the weekend', explained Vinales, after topping the timesheets on Day 1 at the Valencia test following a very tough weekend and straightaway answering the question on everyone's lips.

'I felt much better pushing the bike and from the first lap in the morning I felt great. During the whole day, even with 27 laps on the tyre, I could do low 31s. So we enjoyed today a lot, after a disaster weekend I was enjoying riding again. I felt strong again.

We tried some things, with positives and negatives, but the laptime was there all the time. I think we did a good job, riding with the race setup and a full tank, and we worked quite good on that area. Then we did the time attack and I felt great. Nothing was different - one click in the suspension, the whole day like that'. Quote motogp

Zarco:- 'I'm happy that I got a great feeling with the new bike, we did a great work with the team, simple things but I prefer to keep the work simple to have also a better information and better feedback,' Zarco finished the first day of post-season testing as runner up to Vinales. - Quote

Marquez:- (talking about his championship win)

'It wasn't easy, I was pushing every practice. I was all in every practice. But that's something we need to change for the future, I try to be realistic and I'm happy we won but there are a few things we need to improve for next year.

I had 27 crashes, but I learned something. And I crashed 27 times but I was close to crashing 50 times. With 27 crashes you can understand a lot! But I want to improve that for the future - with the same level but safer'. Quote Motogp

Lorenzo:- (talking about his refusal to heed a Ducati team instruction to move aside for Dovi during Motogp at Valencia)

'Even looking at this (dashboard) suggestion, I keep pushing until the end, because I knew it was the best thing for me, for Ducati and for Dovi. I helped him to improve his pace by one or two tenths, to be as close as possible to the first group'.

'My intention was, and it was the case, that we arrive at the first group. If he had the option to win, I would have gone wide and let him pass. But unfortunately it was not like that.'

'Maybe in some corners Dovi was close and I slow down a little bit his pace, but in general terms, having my wheel in front of him made him improve slightly his pace. I helped him stayed closer to the front group. I knew Dovi was struggling, I knew his pace during all the weekend, and I knew He was making the best pace of the weekend just in the race. It was  (because of the ) help from my wheel.'

I'm happy because I was not wrong. If I was wrong and slowing him, I would be very sorry. But it's not like that, my feeling was true'. Quote Autosport

Dovizioso:- 'We wanted this title as much as Marc did, and I gave everything until the last lap'. but  didn't have any more cards to play'.

I was faster at the start but then following Jorge helped me - we ride in a different way and I could learn a few things from him that I was missing here. We tried. The important thing is that we were also competitive here in Valencia. I think it would have been difficult even if Marquez had crashed. I don't think we had the rhythm to win. Thank you to the team and Ducati. We have to be happy and take the positives from the season'. Quote Motogp

Pedrosa:- (on winning at Valencia)

'Today was a great day because the feeling is great, to be back with a victory, I think that's important for my team, fans, family and friends to finish the season like this because in many races I struggled a lot and those days are difficult, so today to give that happiness to them is great.' Quote Motogp

 That's it for today from around the web.

Going to miss the racing...

And that's it from me for today, I wonder what I'll write about next week....

Have a great week folks, thanks again for the piccies and don't forget to share please.

Ride safe......

p.s. don't forget to vote in my poll.....

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