Wednesday, December 13, 2017

All I Want For Christmas is You at Motorbikesandme

Hi folks, hope all's well with you and your's.....

Me, well, so busy I haven't got a lot of time to write on my blog at the mo, almost didn't make time. Christmas has that effect on us all doesn't it.
Just so much to do, starting with the Christmas tree and deccies and then Christmas present shopping and then writing the Christmas cards and then wrapping the presents which stay wrapped for approximately ten minutes in our house on the day, seems like so much work the lead up to Christmas doesn't it.
I wanted to share with you what happened at work this week. 
As most of you know I work at a doctors surgery as a medical receptionist, and I must admit, fortunately for me the patient's most of them (I hasten to add not all unfortunately) are very patient with us at the surgery.


It can be quite frustrating for us and sometimes it really does get quite stressful and being in the firing line upsetting (The myth that doctors receptionist are horrid should be banned from existance!)
But, this week I have felt so appreciated, it seemed to me that every patient I spoke to in person or on the phone could not have expressed how thankful they were for my help.
I am a pretty persistant person and because I feel as if I am giving something back I do everything in my power (which is extremely minimal) to help these patience.
One of the patience actually thanked me for saving his life!
Now, it takes a lot for me to show my true emotions (except for when christmas music is playing!) but I really felt touched, grateful, respected and most of all valued.

I only wish it could be the same all year.

Getting back to Christmas, next up is the Christmas food shopping, another feat that we all have to face, hoping that we make sure everything is just right for our families.
Christmas has that way of getting us all to think about others, me I think about my family first and foremost and then of my wonderful friends old and new, whether they be bikers, work colleagues, followers of my crazy blog or even the patient's at the surgery.

Have a great party!
I just hope, hope being a very strong word that all is well in their families and your's and that the plans for christmas with you all are going as well as mine are.

Blimey, shared a lot about me on my motorbikesandme blog page today, this will be interesting to read again in years to come!

Moving on, I'm certainly starting to miss Motogp and my allotment, wev'e still got sometime to go folks....

So, in the meantime perhaps watching the box with family, writing Christmas cards, eating to much chocolate and catching up with facebook, twitter and instagram is what is needed to get us through the winter.

I hope those of you going to Christmas parties this weekend have a great time, just one thing to say, never leave your glass unattended!

For now, ride safe folks, if indeed your riding in this weather.

Until later......

Don't forget to share.....

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