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Motogp Argentina and Well Done to Cal Crutchlow With More Roundup of News

Well Done to Cal Crutchlow at Motogp Argentina And More Read on....

Hi Folks,

Hope all's well with you and yours.

Well, what can we say about Motogp Argentina ay....

Firstly, well done to the Cal, great ride, professional, well timed and great to watch!

Such a shame the race from start to finish was a total shambles. Starting with on the grid at the beginning of the race with Marquez looking like something out of a carry on film!

And then poor Danni Pedrosa!

And Rossi, well, I am so disappointed in Marquez such an embarassment to Motogp.

Yes, he can ride we all know that but he has no or little respect for the other riders and he is going to cause a serious accident if he isn't given lessons in how to ride on a race track!

We know he want's to win the championship but winning the championship isn't just about being at the front it's also about using your noddle in getting there and not destroying everything and everyone in your path!

It's as if from the first mistake at the beginning of the race Marquez was on a mission...

I'm really not surprised that Rossi wouldn't accept his apology after the race, he was having a steady ride and would have finished the race in 6th or 7th instead of being at the back. I can't imagine what he was muttering to himself under his lid after it happened!

And what happened to Lorenzo? Didn't see him first or last....

Getting back to Cal, what a win, great ride, Zarco gave him a run for his money and Jack Miller, unbelievable how quickly the standings can change whilst the race is unfolding...

Well, not quite sure what else to say about the race except let's hope the next one isn't so, lets say crazy!

Next up on the 22/4 Americas, can't wait to see what unfolds in this one!

So I have had my say, let's see what some of the riders are saying from around the web shall we, in no particular order except for the winner being the first to quote I add....

Cal Crutchlow - 1st - 'It was nice to win, but it was to be expected to be honest. I came into the weekend thinking I could leave here with a chance of being first or second with Marc (Marquez) and we ended up winning. I was comfortable in the battle, I felt I took no risks and stayed with riders that I probably could have dropped should I have needed to.

We have to be pleased, the team has done a fantastic job in the last two races and I think we could have fought for victory no matter which circuit it would have been this weekend. 

Now we go to Austin and we'll aim for the top five and look to come out of there with strong points. 

This year I said I wanted to win some races! 

It's really nice to be part of that group of riders that have been able to win these 750 races for Honda. I've been supported very well by them in the last few years and this year the support is even better'.Quote -

Crutchlow:- 'Qatar doesn't suit me particularly, let alone the Honda, but the Honda has obviously improved, and I've improved riding wise for sure.

It's a combination of both. I think we've been competitive, Marc's won here before, he's been on the podium here before, it was expected he was there.

But I think we did well to be in that leading group and be able to battle, and I think my team and Honda have done a great job.

I've had a fourth place here before, but that was on a Yamaha - I ma as well have been riding a scalextric bike with grip I had'. Quote Autosport

'Where are the press? This is a lack of respect for the show that we, the top three, put on the track.

The media appears to be more interested in something more improtant, but the importat event is here, with the riders who reached the podium. It's an important moment for the whole team, we gave it our all and this behaviour is disrespectful.

All those journalists who are not here now should know that they won't be welcome at my media briefings for the rest of the season'. Quote GPOne

Woah! Respect where respect is due, well done Cal for speaking out!

Rossi:- 'I'm OK, but this is a very bad situation.

If you take what happened this weekend as an example, one incident can happen to anybody, you can make a mistake in braking, you can touch the other guy. It can happen, it's racing.

But from Friday morning on, Marquez did this to Maverick (Vinales), to (Andrea) Dovizioso, to me, and on Saturday morning, and (on Sunday) he went straight through four riders.

If you start to race like this, you raise the level to a very dangerous point. If all the riders race like this, this will become a very dangerous sport and it will finish in a bad way.

It's a very dangerous situation and I hope that what I said to Race Director Mike Webb makes the take more responsibility, they have to do something. I'm scared on the track when I'm with Marquez. I was scared today when I saw his name on the board.

I'm not Race Direction  they will decide - but like this, he is destroying our sport because when you do 300 km an hour on the track, you have to have respect for the rivals.' Quote Valentino Rossi Blog

Pedrosa:- A statement from the Official MotoGP website - 

After his crash near the start of the ArgentinaGP, Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda Team) needed surgery on a broken radius - with that having now been carried out successfully at the Hospital Universitario Dexeus - Grupo Quironsalud in Barcelona.

Doctor Xavier Mir, part of the MotoGP medical team and voted one of the best doctors in Spain, performed the operation.

Pedrosa was suffering from a distal fracture of the right radius; also affecting the joint.

The operation was a bit invasive, begins Mir, and the Spaniard doesn't give an exact timeframe for recovery - admitting that riders often recover quicker than normal. 

The idea would be to come back for Jerez instead of Austin. But it's not sure when he will be competing. His wrist is inflamed and more will be known in the next 72 hours.

The number 26 in doubt for Austin after a fracture in his arm, bit signs could point to a return by Jerez

Well, me for one I wish Dani a very speedy recovery....

Dovizioso:- 'For sure I didn't enjoy riding the bike in the second practice, when you have to release the throttle in the acceleration because (of) the bike moving. It's scary and not the best thing'. Quote

Dovizioso:- 'Marc managed things particularly badly, because when you are on a track where you are a second faster than everyone in all conditions, it should be easy to get the maximum result. 

He did everything he didn't have to do.' Quote -

Marquez:- ' Maybe the biggest mistake I did was with Aleix. I arrive four seconds faster and I didn't realise, but I try my 100 per cent to avoid the contact but then I say sorry. OK, then I receive penalty, I understand, one position, even two to be safe and then I start to push again.

Then the second thing was with Valentino.

There I don't think I make anything crazy. You need to understand how were the track conditions. It was dry but I take a wet patch, lock the front, release the brakes and had contact.

When I see him crash I just try to say sorry but if you check, Zarco with Dani, Petrucci with Alexix, today was quite difficult. I did my 100 per cent in a tricky day.

Today I did a few mistakes, a few were race direction, a few were mine, I recognise this and will try to improve for the future.

In my career I never go straight for one rider thinking he will crash. Always I try to avoid. Sometimes it is closer, sometimes it's more clear. Today what happened with Valentino was a mistake but a consequence of the track conditions as I lock the front but what he say is wrong'. Quote BSN

Petrucci:-  Hunted high and low for comments from Petrucci, all's quiet with him at the moment, mmm.....

Miller:- 'My tyres were pretty knackered towards the end of the race, but I'm more annoyed that I made two mistakes that almost certainly cost me a podium, or maybe even a victory. Who knows, the other guys, Cal (Crutchlow), Johann (Zarco) and Alex (Rins), they were all struggling with their tyres and maybe a win could have been on in the final laps. 

But saying that, I've just finished fourth in a race, it's the second best result I've had in MotoGP, so there's a lot to be happy about. Us motorcycle riders are wired to always want more and you can't help but think about that, but if you'd given me fourth from pole before the weekend started, I would have said 'you beauty, thanks' and snapped that up, and probably told you that you were dreaming too. So to have that happen was still pretty cool. Quote

Zarco:- 'Marc and Jack were in front and Dani in third position and I felt I had a better pace and I didn't want to miss this pace from Jack and Marc.

With this tricky condition I tried to do that (overtake) in Turn 13. There was one good line, for the laptime, and another line inside, still dry, so (I was) able to try the manoeuvre.

I took this decision and I went wide to at least overtake Dani, even if I was going to lose a few positions because then Alex (Rins) immediately overtook me. Dani crashed, sorry for him.

The wet patches on the outside, we knew they are there, but if you want to overtake you have to try, and when I did it on my place it was dry and I even did not touch him'. Quote

Lorenzo:- 'I'm really concentrating on making this couple, Ducati-Lorenzo, work. And I believe it can be done, so this is my only focus.

The other part my manager will do when it's time and let's see what happens'. Quote CRASH

Smith:- 'It was a shame. It was an exciting start to the race and I think I made up twelve positions in the first laps. I was fully committed in the patchy conditions.

Unfortunately I had a few situations where riders hit me and I lost a lot of ground. I tried to get my head down and start to come forwards, and my lap-times were coming down but I got too greedy in the first corner and went off-line. I lost the front.

  It was a frustrating way to end the race but there are a lot of positives from this weekend. I found a good feeling with the bike from FP1 and the performance was there in the race so I need to keep doing the same things and fingers crossed in Austin things will turn out well'. Quote - Bradley Smith Blog

Vinales:- 'I think today's race was very important to understand many things. I think that for sure now we can only further improve. I saw many things we can improve in rain and also in the dry, so I'm feeling quite happy and positive about that. I'm not happy about the result, I wanted to try to win. 

At the end of the race I had the pace to be at the front, but anyway, I saw many things that will be useful and for sure we are going to improve a lot. Especially in the rain we have to focus in another direction. Now we're on the safe side with the tyres, we have to try and be more aggressive'. Quote Movistar Yamaha

So there we have it, comments made by some of the riders, let's just hope that Marquez tries 100% not to hit the riders in the next race!

Anyway, moving on, I want to tell you about The Motorbike Show with Henry Cole.

If you haven't seen it, it's on Wednesday's on ITV4 and you can use Catchup if you missed the first series.

Absolutely cracking show! Henry has a way of getting you really absorbed in where he is, chatting away as if you are there in front of him in such a friendly inviting way.

He absolutely has my attention!

Not only does he ride beautiful roads in the show but he also visits places of interest to do with Motorbikes and then also includes restorations of motorbikes.

And his mate Sam Lovegrove, well, the two of them together make an excellent team! A bit like Ant and Dec I suppose bouncing off one another!

Cracking show, you must watch it!

His comment that he makes in the show 'Contentment to the soul' being one of them, that's what riding bikes is all about, so very true....

It's on tonight go watch it your love it!

Next up your pictures, thanks so much for sharing them with me....

So, the next ride out with the Triumph Solent Club is on the 15th, Lord Mayor of Havant classic vehicle run (50 miles) - A ride to Havant Plaza car park for the annual classic vehicle show of bikes and cars on display. Ride out afterwards. Meet at Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9.15 am departure.

Rides maybe subject to change due to any circumstances beyond Mike's control. In the event of any such cancellation prior notice will be give via email.
Pack leader contact details:- Mike Spencer-Hicken

I think that's about if for me this week, have a good week, hopefully we can all get out on the bikes at the weekend as I hear the weathers warming up here in the UK.

Thank goodness for that!

So for now well done to Cal Crutchlow at Motogp Argentina once again and don't forget to tune into Henry Cole and The Motorbike Show.

Until later, look after each other and please share.....

Me and hubby with some of our Triumph Solent Club friends....

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Are The Riders Ready for Motogp at Argentina Read What They Have to Say

Hi Folks, Are the riders ready for Motogp at Argentina read what they have to say and more news from around the web. Well, Qatar was great wasn't it for the first Motogp of the season, now we have Argentina to look forward to and me for one just can't wait to see what happens. Hope you all had a really nice Easter and plenty of eggs to munch on. Me, well mine was very relaxing due to the cold weather and not being warm enough for me to ride our motorbike. I did get up the lottie though and finished all the digging of the beds ready for the seeds to go in so that's a plus. I have found myself pondering on moving to France again and it's really doing my head in at the moment, I really have to let it go for a while because it is stopping me from concentrating on more important things! Since the new series 'A new life in the sun' started I have been obsessed with watching the programme and how Brits manage to set up new lives and make it work for them. I know we could do it I just have to persuade the other half who is so set in his ways and not as adventurous as I am and who will not budge. Ah well, as the old saying goes good things come to those who wait or patience is a virtue of which I have loads of! Anyway moving on and back to the subject in hand let's see what is being said around the web by the riders shall we..
Rossi:- 'For me the riders to beat are Dovizioso and Marquez, maybe more Dovizioso, but I put them on the same level because Marquez always has the ability to be strong. I'm happy with my own first race, but we're not at their level yet'. Quote Valentino Rossi Blog
Marquez:- 'We started the season with a great race and a close podium finish in Qatar, and we had a positive test in Jerez last week - he states - I feel good at the moment, happy with my bike and with how my team is working, but we're just at the beginning of what will surely be a tough season'. Quote GPONE
Dovizioso:- 'I am very happy with this victory because we have confirmed the improvements we have made this winter and managed to manage the race well, even though I did a really bad start. At the start I had to close the gas,otherwise I would have collided with Rins, but then I started to recover positions on positions trying not to ruin the tires. Towards the end, after passing Zarco, I tried to create a gap on Marquez and Rossi but I had no grip and I could not increase my advantage. In the last corner I tried to be very careful because I knew that Marquez would try to pass me, and in fact it went like this. He close the door even more than in Austria and Japan, but I passed on the inner curb and then I exploited the power of my Desmosedici to stay ahead'. Quote
Zarco:- 'Everything was OK with tyre consumption, I would even say that I would have used my front tyre more if I had been behind and not in front. I would do the same again. Everything was in control. At one point, I was waiting. I said to myself, if no one is passing me, it means that I'm still quite fast, so let's see what happens. I feel like when you race behind another rider, you push more and in the end doing my own line may have helped me to hold the lead until five laps to the end and go down only to eighth'. 'At the beginning, without having started the weekend, you need to aim for the win. That's the ambition. Then, according to the practice and if you face some difficulties - set up problems or maybe a lack of ease on the bike - then you have to revise this aim downwards. But when you come strong from a Qatar Grand Prix as I do, there is no other option than aiming for the win. You need a little bit of luck. You need to fight and play your cards. This time, luck wasn't on my side, so wait until Argentina, go with the win in mind and understand the situation as the weekend goes'. Quote Autosport
Lorenzo:- 'What happened today in the race? Interesting question, I was losing the front lever, and I was trying to brake less because I thought the front brake was overheating. Then when I was feeling better and better and going faster thant the rider leading the race, trying to catch Iannone, at Turn 4 I lost the brakes. I had to jump to avoid hitting the wall. I was really lucky because it didn't happen at the first corner at 300km/h, because that would have been a different story. Luckily I'm ok, because it happened at 180 and not 30 kilometers an hour. I think I could have fought, If I didn't have that brake problem, I think I could have fought to stay with the lead group. Anything was possible - winning, finishing fifth, who knows. But for the first time I was better in the second half of the race than the first half'. Quote
Crutchlow:- 'I'm happy. Obviously, the aim was the podium today, but then again the aim was also to finish in the points which we haven't done here for the past two years. It's a long championship and I want to thank my LCR Honda CASTROL team who have done a great job over the winter. As have Honda as a manufacturer, they've done a fantastic job with the engine and it means that were a bit more competitive - especially on the straight. All credit to the guys on the podium, they did a great race, and it was good fun. That 'elastic band' just snapped when I got behind Zarco. The front three got away and when I got past him, I was at the same pace as them. I couldn't gain on them, but I wasn't losing either, and that's when I just decided to bring it home and collect the 13 points. We now look forward to Argentina, where we've had good results in the past'. Quote CalCrutchlow Website
Vinales:- 'We found a set-up that works by going in the opposite direction from the test and found something I really like. It's something I've asked my times for, and when we finally did I recovered a lot of feeling. I feel now like I did a long time ago, and my strengths are the same as they were last year now. Looking back, it's like I lost three months, and the bike is totally different from the test. The chassis is the same but the set-up isn't. The strong point of last year, the fast corners, is back, and that helps so much with my motivation. But now that the race pace is there, we need to see what happens in the next races. In testing, we sometimes fixed problems for a few laps, with no fuel, new tyres and a crazy lap. But for the rhythm I never felt like I did in the race. Now all I need is laps, laps, laps and to recover again the feeling I had last year'. Quote Motorcycle News
Pedrosa:- I cannot wait to get on track in Argentina to continue working with my team and prepare for the race on Sunday, but in Qatar we have not achieved the result we expected, but we know that the potential is there, which gives us confidence. We will continue to work with this positive attitude, the conditions of the Hot Springs track could be challenging at the begining of the weekend, but they will be the same for everyone and will usually improve over the weekend. We will work on our bike to be prepared for any conditions we have for the race, and we will give one hundred percent when the lights go out'. Quote TUTTOSPORT.COM
Iannone:- 'In Qatar I closed to 12 seconds behind the leader, It's not a lot, but it's a lot in MotoGP. Alex stayed in front of me and was very close to the first group, and in the end he crashed because always you want to push at the limit, you risk a lot. I think I have a little bit more maturity at the moment; when I think the situation is not at 100% I try to manage the situation, to finish the race and get some points. It's different. In any case, we have one year in front of us and we will work hard to improve. Quote Autosport Are the riders ready for Motogp at Argentina, well they certainly all seem to be looking forward to getting started don't they! I'm really excited to see what happens next! So our Triumph freinds went for a spin to Arundel at the weekend, unfortunately for me it was to cold and my knee would have suffered to much. Jackie managed to take a few piccies though and I have added them here for you all to see.
Made me feel cold looking at them!!! Next up for the club is Lord Mayor of Havant Classic Vehicle Run on the 15th April 2018 (see previous blogs for full information). You can find lots more biking events on my facebook page Motorbikes and me that are taking place in the very near future. I'm having problems with my website at the moment and I hope that when this gets sent out to you all that it is readable and that you can see the piccies, it's my own fault cause I keep playing around with it trying to get the layout better etc, etc until finally I have messed it up! Honestly why I can't just leave things alone I do not know... Anyway, let's have a quick look at some of the pictures that you have all shared with me via facebook and twitter shall we....
Before I go I just want to mention British Superbikes at Donington Park at the weekend. What a great race, the weather was awful and the track was wet in some places but this didn't stop all of the riders giving us the fans a show. Bradley Ray took the first victory, well done to him. O.k, so that's it from me today, let's hope when I am sat here catching up with the riders and finding out what they have to say from around the web next week that the weather has changed it's tuned hey... So for now folks, ride safe, take care of each other, until next time, please share if you like.