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Riding From Saumur to the Charming Village of Vaas France

Continuing our tour riding from Saumur to the Charming Village of Vaas France

Hubby, Mike, Jackie with our wonderful bikes

Hello everyone,

Before I continue with my next blog riding from Saumur to the charming village of Vaas in France I want to thank every one of you for visiting my website. 

My last blog Riding onwards to the village of Saumur France had in total 2270 visits from you my readers of my blog.

I am overwhelmed, thank you one and all.

If you want to look at the other pictures and blogs that I have done on this tour you can click on the archive link or the previous page link, it does take a minute or so to download but once it has you can see the previous pages.

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So, how has your week been? Mine, well it's been pretty hectic. The surgery has been full of patience with flu and to say the Doctors are under enormous pressure with the amount of patience they have had to see this week is an absolute understatement!

There is only one thing for it for me and that is to continue my love affair with France and remind myself why I love France so much by looking at my pictures and writing about my trip.

Hubby and Mike

So, after our visit to the lovely Saumur it was time to continue our journey and ride to Vaas.

I wondered what the next village would be like, whilst taking pictures happily on the back of the bike with the bike purring in my ear as it moved along the beautiful roads of France.

The views were as charming and scenic as the previous riding we had done throughout our tour.

Mike and Jackie were always on my mind too as we rode and I just hoped that they were enjoying the ride as much as we were.

I've included a couple of videos in this blog post and I hope there ok, I know their short but it does give me a sense of being back in the saddle again.

We arrive to the charming village of Vaas in France and were not at all disappointed.

The b&b that we were staying at was situated smack bang in the centre of the village.

Once we had parked up the bikes and booked in we were shown to our rooms, and spot on for bikers they were.

On this trip I would actually say that this b&b was the best for facilities.

I'll go into more depth with the b&b's when we have finished the tour.

In the square at Vaas there were a couple of bars and we all headed to one of them for refreshments which were received gratefully!

We sat in the sunshine for a good hour chatting about the trip before going back to our rooms for a nap and to get ready for our evening meal, a nap that proved to be so appreciated later on, read on to find out why...

The meal was spot on and after checking the bikes were tucked up safely for the night we headed for our rooms.

Now, there's a story to share with you here.

We had an awful lot of rain prior to getting to Vaas.....

Once snuggled into our beds and dropping off to sleep after a wonderful meal and a few glasses of vino and to be totally honest feeling quite exhausted I was woken I would say about two hours later.

At first I thought it was just creaking of the building, and then my over active brain made me think that there was a ghost in the building!

Honestly, I was really quite scared, it was like someone or something was moving around in the room!

As I knew hubby was really tired I didn't dare wake him as I knew he would be really really grumpy with me.

Instead I laid there, with the pillow over my head trying not to hear the noise and eventually fell back to sleep after what seemed to be hours of tossing and turning!

The problem was that it didn't end there...

I was woken by hubby at what seemed like five minutes later saying what's that awful banging noise!

I could hear movement outside of our door and hubby got out of bed and went out onto the corridor only to find Mike staring up at a what looked like a window in the roof.

I could hear Mike and hubby saying that they would have to ring the owner as there was absolutely no way we were going to get any sleep.

What an absolute nightmare! The telephone number in the paperwork didn't work so Mike and hubby fiddled about for ages trying to do something to solve the problem.

The loud dripping continued....

Me, well I was by now so sleepy that eventually when hubby returned back to bed fell asleep immediately!

As for Mike, Jackie and hubby I don't think they slept a wink!

Finally, well, in the morning you can imagine how grumpy we were (meaning hubby and me) we couldn't even go to breakfast!

We just didn't want to share our moody ways with Mike and Jackie. Both of us are and always have been the sort of couple that love our beauty sleep and Mike and Jackie on the other hand seem to be the total opposite!

So, we both felt it best that we go and sit in the bar opposite the hotel and have our coffee! 

I was so grumpy! I knew that I would have to go for a walk alone away from any human beings to shake of my mood before meeting up with Mike and Jackie again by the bikes, oh and of course hubby!

So, that's exactly what I did.

And I was so pleased I did!

I don't know if you believe in fate, but me I do....

I found myself drifting off again into Trudy's wonderful love affair with France...

How could I be grumpy when I was finding myself once again overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded me!

The further I walked, the better I felt and I could feel my sanity returning....

I must have been gone for ages, and my bearings well I think I may have been lost!

How wonderful that would have been, I really did think that at the time, lost in France in love with the place....

My longing to move to France is ever more present.

Along this street in the picture below was a bakery, and I remembered seeing it when we rode into the charming village of Vaas the day before so I knew I was on the right track to finding my way back.

It seemed to me that every way I turned there was something beautiful to explore here in Vaas.

I actually started imagining me and hubby searching for somewhere to live here.

It was, absolutely charming...

How cute is this!

A smashing bakery can be found in this row of shops

Finally, after distressing myself I returned to the hotel to pack up and start our onward journey to Le Mans.

Bye the way the hotel was originally a school house.
I really need to investigate whether this hotel does indeed have a tale to tell!

The owner explained to Mike and Jackie that he had the roof repaired earlier in the year and that he was unaware of a dripping noise and that we were the first to complain.

Really! I find that odd being that we had had quite a lot of rain, were we the first to complain, I suppose we will never know!

And as for the telephone number that was on the key fob to our rooms!

Are stay at Vaas was over, and although we had a bad night in my mind now that was a distant memory, riding from Saumur to the charming village of Vaas though is most definitely not a memory that I will forget in a hurry.

I don't want to leave the charming village of Vaas!

Next up our tour will take us to Le Mans.

Now, I have been through Le Mans before but had not explored the town.

Knowing full well that this is one of the Motogp's venues I looked forward to what was coming up next.

Anyway, for now, that's a part of the trip I have loved to share with you all I hope you have enjoyed riding from Saumur to the charming village of Vaas France with me.

Ride safe, look after each other, until next time.

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An earlier photo of us enjoying the moment on our tou

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