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What a Great Start to Motogp 2018 Roundup of Motogp News From Around the Web

What a line up on the podium for the first race of the Motogp season!

Hi folks,

What a Great Start to Motogp News From Around the Web

Did you watch it? Wow, what a start to the season, Dovi, Marquez and Rossi, smiles all round!

Absolutely cracking race, with Zarco showing that he has what it takes to get up there too.

I think wer'e all going to be in for a really great season of riding.

Crutchlow was pretty awesome as well and Vinales well he appeared from way behind didn't he.

I wonder if this is the way it's going to go this season, these three fighting for the title with Crutchlow, Zarco and some of the others given them a race for their money.

So exciting...

Here they all are below all wanting a chance to get on the podium. All with the chance of giving it there best shot and doing so ....

So, next up Argentina on the 8th April, just a few weeks to go before we seem them all again raring to go and keeping us sat on the edge of our seats....

Lets see what the riders have been saying about the first race of the season and how there race went shall we with all of their comments in one place, love this bit of my blog.....

Lets start with Dovi:-

'It was a perfect race, perfect weekend. We did a really bad start but I was calm. I recovered very slowly and saved a lot the tyres and was able to push at the end'. Quote

'It was a perfect race, perfect weekend, said Dovizioso. As always with Marc, the last lap is very difficult but I was able to beat him again'. Quote BBC Sport

'Towards the end, after passing Zarco, I tried to pull out a gap on Marques and Rossi but I didn't have any more grip and was unable to increase my lead.

At the last curve I had to be very careful because I knew that Marques would try and pass me, and that's how it went.

He closed the door on me even more than last season in Austria and Japan, but I passed him on the inside of the curb and then took advantage of the power of my Desmosedici to stay ahead'. Quote CNN

Next up Marquez:-

'It's like a deja-vu, Marquez said, last corner with Andrea, go in, I go wide, he go in and win the race.

This will change in the future I hope!' Quote FOX SPORTS

Next up the one and only, Rossi:-

'We missed a little bit to fight for the win, but it was a good start to the championship. Last year I got on the podium ad I don't know how I did it. I expected it to be good this year.

Last year both Honda and Ducati were having ore trouble, but middle of 2017 they were really strong, so I think we have made a step forward.

The first target this year is to not have races like Jerez and Barcelona where you go the whole weekend without understanding anything.

We are behind in certain areas, but we can always try to be more competitive'. Quote Valentino Rossi Blog

Next up Cal Crutchlow:-

'I was sat in fifth place thinking I could win, but when the crunch came it didn't work out. 

I was with Vale and I thought I could pass him, but I knew Vale was going to be there at the end, so I though just sit pretty, sit comfortable, stay behind him.

Then he passed Zarco, and I got stuck behind Zarco for one lap and I lost one second in one lap; I did a 1m56.6s, the front guys did 1m55.6s.

Then the next lap I did a 1m55.6s, passing Zarco and trying to come across the gap to the leaders, but they did a 1m55.2s because they were battling, pushing a lot'. Quote

Then there's Zarco:-

'I must feel happy, I was happy to lead the race, many laps, happy also that it was under control, albeit not fast enough to go away.

I was waiting maybe my opponents overtake me and we start to fight but finaly I was able to stay in front.

But after eight or nine laps I felt a strange feeling in front. So I got worried and thinking maybe they will have the same proble, my opponents.

And then five laps to the end, when this problem was getting worse with the front tyre, when they overtook me, I could not fight because I was sliding too much, I was going into the corner, and then if I want to turn the bike while sliding, almost crash.

So I had to breathe and try to keep my position, but my pace slowed down to much.

I finished eighth with a technical problem, I think I can be happ about that. I enjoyed that I led the race, and doing races in this way, when everything will be good for all the race, I will fight for victory'. Quote

And Vinales:-

'In 20 laps I felt better than in all the tests, maybe the last six months, with the bike.

We followed a little bit of the way I wanted the bike and we improved so much, especially in rhythm.

In the tests we didn't try many starts. I was not focusing on having a good bike on the starts, so the start was really bad.

For the first couple of laps with the electronics I didn't have enough power.

Now we've recovered the feeling on the bike qite well, especially in the race. Now we have to work in other areas.

When you finish the race like that, you want the next weekend to be the next race. I'm quite motivated.

I felt I was in the front today, I could have a chance to win the race. So I'm happy the team did great a job, especially on Saturday afternoon. Quote Autosport


'What happened today in the race? Interesting question, begins the Mallorcan. I was losing the front lever, and I was trying to brakeless because I thought the front brake was overheating. Then when I was feeling better and better and going faster than the rider leading the race, trying to catch Iannone, at Turn 4 I lost the brakes'.

I had to jump to avoid hitting the wall. I was really lucky because it didn't happen at the first corner at 300 km/h, because that would have been a different story. Luckily I'm ok, because it happened at 180 and not 300 kilometers an hour.

I think I could have fought, affirms the Mallorcan. If I didn't have that brake problem, I think I could have fought to stay with the lead group. Anything was possible - winning, finishing fifth, who knows. But for the first time I was better in the second half of the race than the first half'. Quote MotoGP


'Compared to last year, I finished a tenth of  a second (literally 0.18secs, someone told me) further back from first place than here in 2017, which isn't great.

But it's not all bad, because last year I was pushing like crazy and maxed it out to get to eighth, and this year I know we have way more potential than that and I was still the same 14-ish seconds off the winner.

It didn't feel like I could have done much more last year,  but there's wa more to come from me and this Ducati.

It's one race of 19. It's a long season...

But we'll be okay in the long run'. Quote

Wow! Looks like all the riders that have been chatting about the experience are really pleased with how things went with the bikes except for Lorenzo doesn't it.

What a Great Start to Motogp 2018

It was such a breathe of fresh air to see the racing again. The snow was thick outside here in the UK and to have the pleasure of watching the racing came just at the right time for me and hubby.

Now it's just waiting until it warms up a little more for me and then I really can't wait to get back out on the bike.

For now though watching the racing and following what the racers have to say on the web keeps me smiling.

With that said that's about all I have time for this week, next week I'll have a look around the web to see what events are coming up and share them with you all.

I'll leave you with the continuing pictures of our trip to Perpignan for now though....

Keep them pictures coming and don't forget to check out my facebook page....

Ride safe and take care of each other....