Monday, March 25, 2019

Can you Guess From my Clues I Wonder

Hi folks, we have arrived home safely from our weekend break.

Thank you all so much for my birthday wishes.

For now, as I'm freezing a few clues to give you an idea of where we have been.

The landscape is generally green!

There are a lot of lakes!

We didn't go to Europe!

Other bikers are drawn to this location!

There is an impressive bridge that closes when there is high winds. It closed on our return home.

There are pig farms....

And an abundance of sheep!

It's very green where we have been....

The roads are definitely biking roads!

The landscape is also rocky in places....

The sun did shine which is very rare me thinks, we were lucky but it was extremely cold....

One final call, when chatting with locals the sentence is ended more than not with is it.

Those who comment with the correct the answer get the badge!

Thanks again for the birthday wishes. More pictures to come when I've warmed up!

For now though, ride safe....

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