What Motorbikes and me is all About

So, youv'e found yourself on my website, welcome....

Let me introduce myself, I'm Trudy and I love Motorbikes, riding motorbikes, watching Motogp and touring.

I am also a huge fan of Valentino Rossi.

I love pictures of Motorcycles, especially if they have something different about them such as doing a wheelie or being covered in mud if you get my meaning.

I found myself making friends on my facebook and twitter pages and the pictures that were being shared with me were literally just sitting there on my facebook page.

I decided that other riders of motorbikes would appreciate seeing the pictures so I started to save the pictures and add them to my website.

I then decided that as I followed Motogp during the season and had many many pictures of Valentino Rossi sent to me and the other riders that I would adapt my website to add information about what was being said around the web.

So every Wednesday I would create a new post downloading the pictures that had been sent to me to my page and exploring the various other websites talking about Motogp and quote what was being said.

Unbelievably, people were reading my posts  and now I have included pictures of touring France and rideouts with our Triumph Riders Solent friends.

I hope you too will enjoy what I write about and please get involved.

You can comment on my facebook page and if you have any ideas on how to make the website even more interesting please let me know.

I also hope to start reviewing products, being a biker I have lots to say and truthfully....

Oh and before I forget we ride a Suzuki Bandit GS1250 and yes I have named her Bess.

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