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Friday, March 16, 2018

Motorbikes and me are Ready for Motogp are You

Hi folks,

Are you ready for Motogp?

Motorbikes and me are!

Wow, its going to be a real battle this year me thinks, Valentino Rossi is on a mission one which I think he has his work cut out for him to win with the other riders. What do you think?

10th title.....

Great news that Valentino Rossi has signed with Yamaha for another two years especially for all of us fans.

Who are you with I wonder? 

So first up on Sunday 18th March is Losail International Circuit, Qatar, with a circuit length of 5.4km it going to be good!

Practice has begun and Sunday cannot come soon enough.

The competitiveness of these riders is absolutely awesome what with Rossi contributing 9 championships to the 33 titles lining up in 2018, Marquez 6, Lorenzo 5, Pedrosa 3.

Rossi has said that this season is the most balanced MotoGP season ever. This will be Rossi's 19th season in the premier class and 23rd at world championship level. Wow!

Exciting isn't it, let's see what's being said around the web at the moment shall we...

Go get that 10th Motogp title! 

Rossi:- 'When I signed my last contract with Yamaha, in March 2016, I wondered if that would have been the last contract as a MotoGP rider, at that time, I decided that I'd take that decision during the following two years.

During the last two years I came to the conclusion thar I want to continue because racing, being a MotoGP rider, but especially riding my M1, is the thing that makes me feel good'. Quote FOX Sports

Dovizioso:- 'This year I think we have the right situation. We have everything from my side, and from the bike side.

There's a minimum five or six guys who can fight for the championship. Anything can happen. Sure, in the last few years Marc has won, but I think it's completely open'. Quote

Marquez:- 'Impossible to say (who will win) as all the guys are tough but I believe in myself.

After a long winter, it looks like everybody is ready to start. All of us more or less start in the best way possible. My future has been decided and it was not easy. I was really happy with them and I saw the bike was working really well.

I feel important and that's good. I am very thankful to them because we will be more careful about this season. We just want to be quiet and concentrate on the track.

This pre season we concentrated a lot on the engine side because everything is ready for the season.

We tried to improve and we feel we can better during the season. We will start in a better way than last year. I'm happy with both the technical aspect of the new bike and with the professional aspect. We know some tracks will be difficult for us. Then there are some tracks we can attack. We are looking forward to the new season'. Quote The Peninsula

(Sorry folks haven't got a piccy of Zarco yet...)

Zarco:- 'The season is about to start and I'm pretty happy for that. The last test in Qatar has been great, finishing  with the best lap time gave the team and myself a cery high motivation and ood confidence. We know, we still have thing to work on to be able to fight for the victory. But I can start the first race weekend of the year with the wish to fight for the win and I'm prety happy to have this feeling already before the first competition. I want to keep enjoying! Let's see what the race weekend in Qatar has to give us'. Quote Roadracing World

Crutchlow:- 'I was happy with how the test went, because my pace was strong - very strong. The way things are in Qatar, it can change in an instant, but hopefully that won't happen and we can be just as strong in the race. But we seem fast and I'm pleased with my pace.

We did our long run on tyres that had already done ten laps, and I felt good - good enough to be competitive on the race weekend if it was tomorrow. We definitely still have to improve, but at least the team have the information to work with Honda over the next couple of weeks to evaluate the situation.

We have to tame the power of the bike a little bit between corner and corner, because Losail is a bit different from the other tracks we've tested at and it seems that it reacts differently here. But overall the Honda team and my LCR Honda team have done a good job'. Quote

Lorenzo:-  'Motogp has become such a competitive and professionalized championship that it is not enough to be motivated. You have to be obsessed with perfection, to take care of the smallest detail. And I wanted to take a step further on issues such as physical preparation and diet. Little by little, that obsession will pay off.

I think that with a little more strength I will gain resistance in the races and it will be easier to master and move the bike, which requires more physical power than the Yamaha, with a very docile engine. This engine is aggressive, very powerful and has a certain inertia entering the curve that other more conventional motorcycles do not have. But it also has very positive points, which you have to know how to take advantage of, such as power or stability when braking. With it you can win many races as did Dovizioso last year'. Quote BSN

Smith:- 'I'm back to normal and back to feeling comfortable, making progress and gaining confidence.

We managed 14 days of testing this winter - so lots of laps, understanding and improvement.

Of course the process never finishes. We were improving in every test and that's all we can ask for'. Quote Oxford Mail

Well, that's about it for now folks, it certainly gives us a taster of how the riders are feeling though.

Roll on Sunday!

Moving on....

What a crazy week again for me!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than losing myself in my writing on my blog after a week full of craziness in my world.

Coming up with the title for the post is my biggest challenge when I start to write. Motorbikes and me are ready for Motogp are you,  seemed quite appropriate as the season starts again on Sunday at Qatar, yippee, It's been a long wait me thinks this year.

We all have our hobbies and pastimes and one of mine is definitely following the riders and the Motogp family.

Call me mad but it actually does help me deal with all the lets say (not wanting to use bad language, as I'm a lady you know!) dilemmas that I have been dealt this year so far.

Money is what I need (don't we all I hear you say!)  yes, and lot's of it! My hubby would say want, want, want and yes I do want lot's of money. I know that money cannot buy happiness or so they say but it certainly could sort out some of my dilemmas!

One being wanting a place in France, oh yes, I am still going on about that because it is my dream. Just imagine Motogp in Le Mans, me with my two gites and you the bikers wanting somewhere to stay whilst going to watch the racing during your stay. And voila!! If I had a shed load of money that would be one of the dilemmas sorted, hey presto! Dream on I hear you all say.

Somethings you can't buy money with, for example helping patient's at the surgery where I work.  Having to tell them to ring back after 2 for appointments and there not being any appointments to offer. The same repeated message time after time to people needing help really is mind blowing for me.

My problem is it is out of my control and being honest with you it's out of the doctors control too as they can only see and do so much in any one given day.

Impossible situation and makes me feel extremely frustrated.

So we have more snow to come this weekend so another weekend with no riding the motorbike, seems like this winter just doesn't want to go away.

The first meet of the season took place last night for the Triumph club and a great turn out and evening we all had.

I'll post more details about the next ride out in my next blog for you all.

For now though I'll leave you with more pictures of our tour to Perpignan, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them....

That's it for me now folks...

You can also check out my motorbikes and me facebook page full of interesting posts from some of my readers. Thanks again for your pictures and I hope you enjoy Motogp as much as I'm going too.

Ride safe and look after each other.