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Monday, April 15, 2019

Another podium win for Rossi

Another podium win for Rossi

What a great race!

Keep building up those points I say!

Such a gentleman....

Comradery in Motogp!

Can't wait for the next race.

(p.s. so busy at the mo, what with the lottie and painting the back garden fence, etc, etc. Will post pictures of our trip to Wales very soon!)

Ride safe all....

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Motorcycling in Northern Spain Cantabria

Motorcycling in Northern Spain Cantabria through the eyes of a pillion rider, is my latest edition of riding experiences that I have shared with my hubby on our Suzuki bandit.

This ride that we are sharing with you takes us to Cantabria in Northern Spain come join Motorbikesandme. 

(Check out more rides by following the link above.)

Fabulous riding roads and scenery are to be found in this beautiful location of Northern Spain.

So, lets get started.....

Brittany ferries garage buzzing with excitement!

Just has to be done!

And wer'e off.....

(Keep your eyes peeled for the pictures of signs to find our route :)

Weathers looking a little iffy 👀

I wonder if there's anything living in that there cave 👇

This road was particularly bad, well over due the work their doing, not good for bikes though...

Arriving in Potes.....

What a charming place....

Never got the time to visit this Bazar, wish I had.....

Not far from where we stayed in Camaleno....

This is  the gite we stayed at in Camaleno, perfectly located for riding.

Lovely gite! Enough room for me and hubby, full of character, lots of space for the biker gear....

This was the stream running along side the gite, woke up to it every morning during our stay, lovely..... 👇

And this was the steep rocks the otherside of the stream, amazed us how the trees grew upwards out of the rocks.....

Tapas me thinks....

Beautiful day for a ride, sunny, warm and mountain roads on our doorstep! Motorcycling in Northern Spain Cantabria here we come!

Jeff getting ready for our days riding...

Wow! What a view.....

Hubby deciding to get as close to the edge to get the best view! Really!

Been told off, bothered, not Jeff!

Me trying my best pose!

These cows have really cute ears!

Bridge in the absolute middle of no where!

This road is worth a ride on the bike 👇

Glad we got up the mountain before these two lorries of hays were coming down! 👇

A must, must, must do for bikers, loads of bends coming up and the view absolutely fab.....👇

Motorcycling in Northern Spain Cantabria as a pillion rider has to be the best way to catch the beauty of this area,  not only do I get to feel the ride but I also get to take fab pictures to remember forever......

Back down the mountain now, closer to the bridge we saw earlier....

Could be on one of Henry Cole's tours in America, couldn't we....... 👇

Sunflowers bowing their heads at this time of the year......

Think we're not lost, which way to go next.....

Look at that road..... Made for bikers....

Look at that road!

Yet again, another one I would say is a must to ride..... 👇

Stopped in this cafe, for a leg stretch, came across all of these heads, found it a little emotional...

Loads of bikes out and about on a glorious riding day.

Love this time of the day when riding.....

Bet these two are working up a sweat!!!

What a catch! Love this guy!

Jeff does feed me sometimes!

Motorcycling in Northern Spain Cantabria just has to be done!

Just renewed our wedding vowels after 35 wonderful years!

Love this road too.....

Done it twice it was that good!!! 💕

Yet another must ride..... 👇

This was quite a find..... 👇

Absolutely outstanding!!!

Thank you hubby for yet another wonderful trip! ❤👇

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the signs help you with finding the routes we took on this wonderful trip.

All thats left to say is that Motorcycling in Northern Spain is a must for bikers in our view.

I wonder where we will ride to this year.

Dont forget more rides can be found at:-

Until next time, all that's left to say is ride safe and enjoy your ride.