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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Are The Riders Ready for Motogp at Argentina Read What They Have to Say

Hi Folks, Are the riders ready for Motogp at Argentina read what they have to say and more news from around the web. Well, Qatar was great wasn't it for the first Motogp of the season, now we have Argentina to look forward to and me for one just can't wait to see what happens. Hope you all had a really nice Easter and plenty of eggs to munch on. Me, well mine was very relaxing due to the cold weather and not being warm enough for me to ride our motorbike. I did get up the lottie though and finished all the digging of the beds ready for the seeds to go in so that's a plus. I have found myself pondering on moving to France again and it's really doing my head in at the moment, I really have to let it go for a while because it is stopping me from concentrating on more important things! Since the new series 'A new life in the sun' started I have been obsessed with watching the programme and how Brits manage to set up new lives and make it work for them. I know we could do it I just have to persuade the other half who is so set in his ways and not as adventurous as I am and who will not budge. Ah well, as the old saying goes good things come to those who wait or patience is a virtue of which I have loads of! Anyway moving on and back to the subject in hand let's see what is being said around the web by the riders shall we..
Rossi:- 'For me the riders to beat are Dovizioso and Marquez, maybe more Dovizioso, but I put them on the same level because Marquez always has the ability to be strong. I'm happy with my own first race, but we're not at their level yet'. Quote Valentino Rossi Blog
Marquez:- 'We started the season with a great race and a close podium finish in Qatar, and we had a positive test in Jerez last week - he states - I feel good at the moment, happy with my bike and with how my team is working, but we're just at the beginning of what will surely be a tough season'. Quote GPONE
Dovizioso:- 'I am very happy with this victory because we have confirmed the improvements we have made this winter and managed to manage the race well, even though I did a really bad start. At the start I had to close the gas,otherwise I would have collided with Rins, but then I started to recover positions on positions trying not to ruin the tires. Towards the end, after passing Zarco, I tried to create a gap on Marquez and Rossi but I had no grip and I could not increase my advantage. In the last corner I tried to be very careful because I knew that Marquez would try to pass me, and in fact it went like this. He close the door even more than in Austria and Japan, but I passed on the inner curb and then I exploited the power of my Desmosedici to stay ahead'. Quote
Zarco:- 'Everything was OK with tyre consumption, I would even say that I would have used my front tyre more if I had been behind and not in front. I would do the same again. Everything was in control. At one point, I was waiting. I said to myself, if no one is passing me, it means that I'm still quite fast, so let's see what happens. I feel like when you race behind another rider, you push more and in the end doing my own line may have helped me to hold the lead until five laps to the end and go down only to eighth'. 'At the beginning, without having started the weekend, you need to aim for the win. That's the ambition. Then, according to the practice and if you face some difficulties - set up problems or maybe a lack of ease on the bike - then you have to revise this aim downwards. But when you come strong from a Qatar Grand Prix as I do, there is no other option than aiming for the win. You need a little bit of luck. You need to fight and play your cards. This time, luck wasn't on my side, so wait until Argentina, go with the win in mind and understand the situation as the weekend goes'. Quote Autosport
Lorenzo:- 'What happened today in the race? Interesting question, I was losing the front lever, and I was trying to brake less because I thought the front brake was overheating. Then when I was feeling better and better and going faster thant the rider leading the race, trying to catch Iannone, at Turn 4 I lost the brakes. I had to jump to avoid hitting the wall. I was really lucky because it didn't happen at the first corner at 300km/h, because that would have been a different story. Luckily I'm ok, because it happened at 180 and not 30 kilometers an hour. I think I could have fought, If I didn't have that brake problem, I think I could have fought to stay with the lead group. Anything was possible - winning, finishing fifth, who knows. But for the first time I was better in the second half of the race than the first half'. Quote
Crutchlow:- 'I'm happy. Obviously, the aim was the podium today, but then again the aim was also to finish in the points which we haven't done here for the past two years. It's a long championship and I want to thank my LCR Honda CASTROL team who have done a great job over the winter. As have Honda as a manufacturer, they've done a fantastic job with the engine and it means that were a bit more competitive - especially on the straight. All credit to the guys on the podium, they did a great race, and it was good fun. That 'elastic band' just snapped when I got behind Zarco. The front three got away and when I got past him, I was at the same pace as them. I couldn't gain on them, but I wasn't losing either, and that's when I just decided to bring it home and collect the 13 points. We now look forward to Argentina, where we've had good results in the past'. Quote CalCrutchlow Website
Vinales:- 'We found a set-up that works by going in the opposite direction from the test and found something I really like. It's something I've asked my times for, and when we finally did I recovered a lot of feeling. I feel now like I did a long time ago, and my strengths are the same as they were last year now. Looking back, it's like I lost three months, and the bike is totally different from the test. The chassis is the same but the set-up isn't. The strong point of last year, the fast corners, is back, and that helps so much with my motivation. But now that the race pace is there, we need to see what happens in the next races. In testing, we sometimes fixed problems for a few laps, with no fuel, new tyres and a crazy lap. But for the rhythm I never felt like I did in the race. Now all I need is laps, laps, laps and to recover again the feeling I had last year'. Quote Motorcycle News
Pedrosa:- I cannot wait to get on track in Argentina to continue working with my team and prepare for the race on Sunday, but in Qatar we have not achieved the result we expected, but we know that the potential is there, which gives us confidence. We will continue to work with this positive attitude, the conditions of the Hot Springs track could be challenging at the begining of the weekend, but they will be the same for everyone and will usually improve over the weekend. We will work on our bike to be prepared for any conditions we have for the race, and we will give one hundred percent when the lights go out'. Quote TUTTOSPORT.COM
Iannone:- 'In Qatar I closed to 12 seconds behind the leader, It's not a lot, but it's a lot in MotoGP. Alex stayed in front of me and was very close to the first group, and in the end he crashed because always you want to push at the limit, you risk a lot. I think I have a little bit more maturity at the moment; when I think the situation is not at 100% I try to manage the situation, to finish the race and get some points. It's different. In any case, we have one year in front of us and we will work hard to improve. Quote Autosport Are the riders ready for Motogp at Argentina, well they certainly all seem to be looking forward to getting started don't they! I'm really excited to see what happens next! So our Triumph freinds went for a spin to Arundel at the weekend, unfortunately for me it was to cold and my knee would have suffered to much. Jackie managed to take a few piccies though and I have added them here for you all to see.
Made me feel cold looking at them!!! Next up for the club is Lord Mayor of Havant Classic Vehicle Run on the 15th April 2018 (see previous blogs for full information). You can find lots more biking events on my facebook page Motorbikes and me that are taking place in the very near future. I'm having problems with my website at the moment and I hope that when this gets sent out to you all that it is readable and that you can see the piccies, it's my own fault cause I keep playing around with it trying to get the layout better etc, etc until finally I have messed it up! Honestly why I can't just leave things alone I do not know... Anyway, let's have a quick look at some of the pictures that you have all shared with me via facebook and twitter shall we....
Before I go I just want to mention British Superbikes at Donington Park at the weekend. What a great race, the weather was awful and the track was wet in some places but this didn't stop all of the riders giving us the fans a show. Bradley Ray took the first victory, well done to him. O.k, so that's it from me today, let's hope when I am sat here catching up with the riders and finding out what they have to say from around the web next week that the weather has changed it's tuned hey... So for now folks, ride safe, take care of each other, until next time, please share if you like.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Roundup of Motorbike News and Events for February and More

Hi folks, 

Hope all's well with you and yours and your bikes aren't getting to dirty!

Love it!

Before I share the roundup of motorbike news and events from around the web I have my own roundup of events to share with you all, hopefully you will find it entertaining!

Well, since I last wrote on my blog so many unexpected events have come into my world!

Honestly, it has been crazy! I'll talk about the roundup of bike news and events in a mo, but I really want to share this experience with you all....

First I lost my purse, the Thursday after writing my last blog on the Wednesday I went to work as usual, walking like I always do, visited the local garage to get my cup of soup and lottery ticket for lunch and then the local shop to get my sarnie, purse still in hand, then wondered on to the surgery and done a days work.

The following day I went to get my purse and low and behold it was not in my bag! Horror, shock....

Panic struck really quickly although there was no money in the purse or credit or debit cards there were at least 8 unchecked lottery tickets!

All thoughts of anything else left my mind until I done what you would do if you lost your purse or wallet, rang round asking if a purse had been handed in, got my colleagues at work to check around the surgery, no purse!

I was so distraught, so, I instantly e-mailed the national lottery and let them know that there were these unchecked lottery tickets, the exact time and where they were brought and asked them to let me know if anyone went to claim the prize!

I know, long shot but I couldn't just sit there and do nothing and it did make me feel a lot better knowing that I had taken this course of action.

The purse had gone, I had to face up to it. No one was going to hand it in, it had been thrown in a bush and someone would have been really disappointed not to find any money it it....

Or so I thought at the time....

It was quite odd for me to be so pesimistic, I have always been a very optimistic person and never negative but at this time I was sure it was gone for ever.

Or so I thought.....

A week later, I had a letter from the national lottery thanking me for my e-mail and asking for more information regarding the tickets, it also quoted the law and missing lottery tickets, I was in no mood to sit there and write another letter or e-mail.

So, I put the letter in the cupboard and thought no more of it.

Went to work on Thursday last week, same routine, garage for lottery ticket, corner shop for sarnie etc, etc....

During that day whilst working at my computer a guy approached me and asked to if he could speak to Trudy....

Well, you can imagine the picture on my face!

In his hand he had my small brown leather purse, which looked like it was sopping wet.

After my initial reaction of pure excitement and pleasure of being reconnected with my purse, the guy explained that he was the gardener who was working next door to the surgery and found my purse tossed in the bushes!

He said that he had to open the purse to see if there were any contact details to enable him to return it to it's rightful owner. (Don't worry the story ends soon!)

In the purse was a small keepsake card that hubby gave me many years ago, (yes I know you bikers are very romantic behind your bikes!) scribbled on the front of the card called '10 reasons why I love you' was my hubby's telephone number which the guy rang. My name written on the card was Wifey!

Now, the guy called Jeff and asked him if he knew anyone that had lost a purse, hubby replied that I had and when the guy explained where he had found it Jeff asked him if he would mind going next door to the surgery where he would find me!

Of course Jeff had forgotten about the keepsake card that he had brought for me many moons ago, until, I explained how the guy had managed to find his telephone number.

The morale of this story is, Valentines day is coming why not buy a keepsake card and add your telephone number on it!  It's the little things that can mean so much!

Just a thought!

So to the guy that brought my purse back to me, if your reading my blog, thank you for bringing my purse back to me it means so much......

It doesn't end there but I'll move onto the roundup of motorbike news and events for February from around the web first and go back to my personal events a little later.

So, just under 30 days I understand until Motogp starts for 2018, thank goodness for that, it has been a really long winter hasn't it.

So the Movistar Yamaha Motogp team have completed the first official test of the 2018 season. Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales finished the final day of testing in 8th & 10th place.

This is some of the things  the riders have had to say quotes from around the web:-

 Rossi:- I'm happy about the second day because we worked well and finished our programme for today. We tried some big and small details and some things were good and some things were less good. For example, I like the aerodynamics, and I was able to improve my pace and lap times. I think I did my personal best here in Sepang today because a 1'59.3s is good. It's very tight, all the top riders are very strong, so that will be interesting. I'm very happy to be there at the front.

I like the fairing more than last year's because I have more protection and - because I'm a bit big and tall - that's what I need, so that's good. The ducts - that are not wings - are good because the bike has less wheelie and that gives us more front contact. It looks like we're also quite fast in the straight and so it was a good day'. Quote Valentino Rossi - The Doctor

Lorenzo:-'The bike turns better and i can open the throttle more quickly. The bike has improved in a lot of areas, so I can take profit of more of my best points. But Sepang is a special track and the tyres are different from one track to another. Also, four or five of the manufacturers are very competitive, so one brand will be ahead of the others at one track, and another bike will be ahead at another track.'

'At the moment I cannot make a predicition about wining the championship, because winning a world championship takes a lot of things. But if we are quick as we are here.' Quote -

Crutchlow:- 'I'm pleased with what Honda has done over the winter, because what we asked for we sort of got. It's better in some areas and we need to work in others, but we have improved. The engine is strong and stronger than last year'.

'I'm not worried if it (the engine) is too aggressive because we have electronics that can control it, if we want them'.

'If he (Marquez) doesn't want to go as fast he can turn the torque down, if you know what I mean'.

'But what we have is positive, because if we have more power then we can always turn it down, instead of not having any power and you can't turn it up.' Quote Autosport

Pedrosa:- 'The objective of this test was to try the engines and gather as much information as possible. In this test I did more laps with the latest engine. It has a little more power buy you have to be very cautious about how much your able to make it work.

We have to go to another circuit to understand which motor we will choose.

We have to analyse the data a lot, and find the right answers.' Quote Autosport

Can't wait until Motogp starts this season....

Moving on:-

Here are the Motogp dates for your diaries:-

2018 Motogp Championship Calendar
  • 18th March > Qatar
  • 8th April > Argentina
  • 22 April > Americas
  • 6th May > Spain
  • 20th May > France
  • 3rd June > Italy
  • 17th June > Catalunya
  • 1st July > Netherlands
  • 15th July > Germany
  • 5th August > Czech Republic
  • 12th August > Austria
  • 26th August > Great Britain
  • 9th September > San Marino
  • 23rd September > Aragon
  • 7th October > Thailand
  • 21st October > Japan
  • 28th October > Australia
  • 4th November > Malaysia
  • 18th November > Valencia

Time for me to thank you all for your great pictures, keep them coming folks they really do make a difference to the read...

Here's a list of Motorbiking events for February with their individual websites for you to explore....

15th February
Moto Club Banezano

15th February
The Trans America Trail
The Conquest Theatre, Herefordshire 

16th - 18th February
IMOT - Munich, Germany
International Motorcycle Exhibition

17th February
The Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show

17th February
Victoria MCC 3rd Birthday Party
The Victoria Club, Staffordshire

17th - 18th February
The classic Dirt Bike Show

18th February
Huddersfield Autojumble

18th February
Haynes Bikers Breakfast Ride-in

18th February
MCN Motorcycle Show Excel London

18th February
Bike Day @ Ace cafe

22nd February
Adventures on Motorbikes
The Mockingbird Theatre - Meet up

22nd - 25th February
Utrecht, Netherlands
Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition

22nd - 25th February
Zurich, Switzerland
Motorcycles, Scooters and Tuning

23rd February
Breakfast meeting - Restaurante Paddy's Point, La Zenia, Costa Blanca

23rd - 25th February
Madrid Spain
Classic Auto Madrid
Madrid International Classic Motorshow

23rd - 25th February
Budapest Motorcycle Festival
Budapest, Motorfesztival
International Trade Exhibition for Motorcycles, Spare Parts and Accessories

24th February 
Motorcycle Taster Sessions
Audacious Women Festival

25th February
59 Club Renewal Day @ Ace Cafe

28th February
Basic General Motorcycle Maintenance Class
Saltire Motorcycles - Edinburgh

22nd February
Crawley Motorbike Riding
Pub meet - request to join

Would you like to add your Motorcycle Club's events to my website?

My followers are from all around the world!

To let other bikers know of events coming up in your region/country why not send me an e-mail with the details and I'll add them to my website for others to see.

You can find the e-mail address at the top right handside of the page.

Getting back to my events, well I could bore you with my broken tooth but I'll keep that to myself or I could discuss with you that I have applied for another job.

I could let you know that our next tour is booked for this year.....

And I could tell you that the lottery tickets did have a win of £6.00!

I could also tell you that I am at the end of my tether with hubbies snoring!

Or that my computer broke this week!

But I'm sure you all have your own personal dilemmas so I'll leave those snippets of the past few weeks in Trudy's world there....


Mike has put out the Destination Triumph list of events for the year and I have listed them below for anyone thats interested.

Great bunch of riders, good rideouts and I'm sure if you want to go along they will welcome you with open arms as they did me and Jeff.


Thursday 15th Pub night "meet and greet". The Delme Arms pub near Fareham
Join us for the evening for a pre-season meet and greet and discussion about forthcoming events this year.
Meet at the pub from 7 p.m. (The pub postcode is PO16 8QY)

Sunday 1st Arundel (80miles)
Easy run along the A272 to drop down to Arundel for refreshments in one of the many cafes before returning home.
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 15th Lord Mayor of Havant classic vehicle run (50 miles)
Ride to  Havant Plaza car park for the annual classic vehicle show of bikes and cars on display. Ride out afterwards.
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9.15 a.m. departure

Sunday 29th Mystery Ride (150 miles)
Mystery ride planned by our club members. Further details will be published.

Sunday 6th Bike 1066 event at Hastings (190 miles)
Join us for a ride to Hastings to participate in an anual event that attracts 20,000 bikers each year.
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 13th Compton Abbas Vintage Fly-in (120 miles)
Join us for a ride to this popular airfield in the Cranbourne chase. On this day there will be all things vintage at Compton, a vintage themed menu, and lots of interesting vintage aircraft visiting as well as a selection of vintage bikes ad cars.
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 20th Bikers Breakfast at Haynes Motor Museum, Sparkford (170 miles)
On the third Sunday of each month the museum host a breakfast ride-in which is open to all motorcycles.
Participants can chat over a coffee and a hearty breakfast in Cafe 750. The very popular Museum cafe is open from 9.30 a.m.
For more details visit:'-breakfast-ride-0
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 10th Newlands Corner (120 miles)
Join us for a Sunday morning ride through the Surrey Hills to this popular venue for refreshments before returning home early afternoon.
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 17th Classic Motor Hub, Cotswolds (190 miles)
Ride to the Classic Motor Hub at Bibury Airfield, a destination in the heart of the Cotswold's for all enthusiasts of motor vehicles. Refreshments are available.
For more details visit
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park for an 8.30 a.m. departure

Friday 22nd - Monday 25th Weekend away to Devon (600 miles)
We shall be staying at the Premier Inn, Exeter, Devon. Approximate cost is £350 for the three nights including breakfast and evening meals. The itinery for the weekend is as follows:

  • Friday 22nd we will ride to Exeter, to arrive late afternoon for check in
  • Saturday 23rd we will ride a Westerly loop towards
  • Sunday 24th we will ride an Easterly loop around before returning to Exeter.
  • Monday 25th we will return home following a reverse route of Friday to arrive home late afternoon.
Route maps will be provided for the journey and the two day riding. Contact Mike Spencer-Hicken for an information sheet.

Sunday 1st Brooklands museum for the Ace Cafe Ton-up day (120 miles)
Join us for our annual ride to Brooklands for the annual Ace Cafe Ton-up motorcycle day.
For more details visit
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 8th Weymouth Harbour (160 miles)
Join us for a ride to the old harbour at Weymouth
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 29th Bentley Motor Museum, near East Hoathly (140 miles)
Join us for a ride to this interesting location situated just outside Lewes in a peaceful corner of the East Sussex Countryside. 
For more details visit
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 5th Triumph 1902 Cafe at Hinkley (300 miles)
We are going to ride to Hinkley to visit the 1902 Cafe. Triumph Exhibition and Triumph store. This is a long journey and we will not be returning until later in the day. We will have a few stops along the way. There is the opportunity to have a factory tour which you will have to book for yourselves in advance. For more details
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for an 8 a.m. departure

Sunday 19th Treasure Hunt and Sunday Lunch (120 miles)
Something different for the riders. Each rider will have a staggered start to participate in the ride and go off to collect a variety of clues from different locations. A route map will be given to each rider and we will all finish in a country pub for Sunday lunch and prize giving to the winner.
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9 a.m. staggered start

Sunday 26th Didcot Railway Centre (150 miles)
If there is enough interest join us for a trip to this Heritage railway centre in the Chilterns. The centre has a variety of attractions and a good cafe for refreshments. Alternatively we will just have a ride to this area stopping of along the way for refreshments.
For more details visit information/opening.html
Meet at the Lysses Path Car Park, Fareham for a 9 a.m. departure

Sunday 9th Day on the Isle of Wight (100 miles)
Come along on a trip to the I.O.W for a day of riding around the Island having refreshments and lunch along the way.
Meet at the Portsmouth Ferry Terminal to catch the 9 a.m. ferry to the Isle of Wight

Sunday 23rd Route 1066 Cafe (190 miles)
Join us for a ride to this popular 50's/60's Style Biker & Family Friendly Cafe Diner located on the A21 in the historic 1066 area just outside Battle.
For more details visit

Sunday 21st Mystery Ride (150 miles)
If agreed another mystery ride planned by our club members. Further details will be published nearer the time.

Thursday 1st Pub night at the Delme Arms
End of season pub night for a review of the year's events, and Awards night. Food is available.
Meet at the pub from 7 p.m.

Saturday 15th Xmas Meal at The Brookfield Hotel
Annual end of year Xmas party night at the Brookfield Hotel near Emsworth enjoying a three course meal and disco.
The cost is £35 per person, and a £10 deposit per person is required by the end of February to book a place.

Pack Leader Contact Details
Mike Spencer-Hicken - 07757363101 - Email -

With the exception of the weekend away in June, any of the above rides maybe subject to change due to any circumstances beyond Mike's control. In the event of any such cancellation prior notice will be given via email.
Please be aware that Mike reserves the right to cancel any ride if there are insufficient numbers of riders on the day.


So that's it from me for this week folks, lets hope the weather picks up really soon and makes it more pleasureable to ride.

I'll tell you about our tour a bit later on as it's a long way off and we have much more interesting things to look forward to such as Motogp!

Until laters ride safe, look after one another.

Don't forget to share if you want!