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Sunday, December 31, 2017

To Everyone That has Taken the Time to Read my Blog Happy New Year

Hi folks, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

So, it's that time of the year again when we reflect over the past year and for most look forward to the next.

My year has been pretty good, not to many bumps along the way and lots of memories to cherish with friends and family.

So, I thought it would be nice to look through some of the pictures that you have shared with me throughout the year before we start 2018.

That road looks awesome.....

Thanks to this guy, our Valentino Rossi for the vast array of pictures that he has shared with me and helped make my blog be possible.

I have been so lucky, you have all shared some really great shots with me. Thank you to you all.

Introducing Nahla, the new pup addition to our family, Nahla belongs to my daughter and wait until you see how much she has grown in the last six months!

And thanks to this lovely lot, the Triumph Solent Club that we ride with....

And this lovely lot for bringing such good tv watching to us this season!

And you lovely lot who have sent me some crazy pictures this year!!!!!

And this is Nahla now, as of December 2017, what a beauty!!!

This is the line up for 2018....

Remember this.....

Exactly how me and hubby feel, although Peaky Blinders the whole series is helping!

And thanks to this guy, my hubby for taking me riding and filling my life with new experiences.

I keep saying that I am going to start riding my own bike, what would I ride? I think maybe the Bandit Bess would be a little to heavy for me.

This picture absolutely fascinates me....

You lovely lot you!

All thats left for me to say, is I hope you 2018 is filled with love and happiness and that what ever you are dreaming for becomes reality!!

Ride safe all, until next time.....