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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday and More Chinwag Chatter from me...

Positive thinking is the way forward I say!!

Wheelie Wednesday with Rossi!

Welcome back to my  blog.

So things have been a little difficult to say the least setting up my new blog. Not being the most patient person I have found myself getting a little stressed out with it! Now though I think, just think, I may have cracked it! Compared to the last site I was using there is so much more that I am able to do on this one it's just having the time to play around and set it up how I want it to look.

I don't normally get to the stage where I want to pull my hair out but trying to log in to my new blog on blogger has been a total nightmare to say the least, I thought downloading the app would make it easier but no, what happens, I go in to this post thinking I'm in edit mode and Blogger posts the post! I hadn't finished!

And breathe!

It's that time of the week again and what a difference a couple of days makes. Since my last post we have had day one of the Motogp Testing at Philip Island which you can read about in a previous blog, and I wonder whether Rossi and Vinales can better their positions. We shall have to see.

Go Rossi!

I thought maybe I should add Maverick Vinales doing wheelies too as he is part of the Yamaha racing team now, not a bad start for the first one that I have found, think maybe more practice to become as good as Rossi with wheelies could be a plus.

Well, we have been busy since Monday, as you know it was Valentines Day yesterday and I had a wonderful surprise from hubby. We are going to France in May! Yep, we are off to Vendee, and not riding but with our wonderful grandson Bradley.

I wanted to share this fab news with you as I want to write about the trip and share my pictures of the region with everyone. My grandson is 10 now and my belief is that he is not going to be too interested in his Nanny and Grumps for much longer. Yes, I know that he loves to visit but there comes a time when he is going to want to do his own thing in his own little space, hence not missing the opportunity to take him this year.

Just need to stop a moment because I am so stressed at the time it took me to find my blog page! Back in a mo!

O.k, I'm back, calmed down now!!! Positive thinking from now on.

Where were we, yes we are off to the Vendee region, and I can't wait, I've had a look at the weather for May and it does look as if it will be warm enough for us all and not to warm for hubby who doesn't cope well when it's too hot.

Now Bradley has not been away from his mum for more than lets say one day at a time since he was born and I hope that she won't find it to difficult without him. I believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder and that it will give them both time to reflect on each other and yes miss each other.

When we asked our Brad if he would like to come away with us he jumped at the chance. So all there is left to say is bring it on, and I think I need to get a little fitter ready to tackle the flumes!

Travelling is a really big passion of mine, whether it be riding on the bike and touring Europe or staying in the UK and touring on the bike with our Triumph friends or spending time with family, I believe that travelling to different places broadens your horizon and gives those all important memories to hold in our hearts. I'm hoping that hubby and I can install in Bradley the importance of working hard so that you can do these things and that saving hard can bring rewards and so much pleasure in the process.

I had a look around the web and found a few pictures of the Vendee area and it really looks lovely and I can't wait to take my own pictures and write about the experience.

This is the entrance to the park we are staying at, pretty impressive me thinks!

I think I need to get started on learning a little more french, we normally get by but I really would like to learn more french. Brad is learning Spanish at school and he is quite good so I really do need to show him that I too can learn a language.

I think that the words above are a pretty good starting point and all I have to do now is build from them. Easy I don't think so!

So this year seems to be a pretty busy one, what with the allotment, Motogp, Wales visit with the Triumph Club and now off to Vendee in France with hubby and Brad and later in the year off to Biarritz with friends touring. Not going to be a dull moment.

So there you have it Valentines day for me was pretty special and don't think that I didn't spoil hubby cause I did and he had a new motorbike! Yes, he got it a couple of weeks earlier but it's his Christmas present, Valentines present, Birthday present and Anniversary present, he just doesn't know it yet!

What's next, well,

We have to mention Marquez, ok the wheelie for Wheelie Wednesday is not that great but it does have to be said that he definitely has to be watched this season at the Motogp, that said, I do believe that he is going to have a battle on his hands to keep the title with Rossi and Vinales being so competitive and positive. Roll on the 26th March.

Now this is what I call a Wheelie!

I really do not have any patience! I have realised that tonight whilst getting used to working on my blog. I thought I had a little more patience than I do have but I really live in the fast lane and am not yet ready to slow down yet not by a long while, and learning new skills are really challenging and I have to slow down to take it in.

All that's left for me to say for now then is ride safe you lovely lot, and next time I'll update you with what is going on at the allotment as well as anything else that takes my fancy, dont forget, if you want to get involved in my blog please leave your comments I would love to hear from you.

Until later......