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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesdays Wheelies Keep Them Pictures Coming Folks

Hi folks, it's Wheelie Wednesday!

Hope your week is going well, this weather is so unpredictable at the moment in the UK, writing this whilst concerned that hubby may get wet on his way home from work! 

Thanks for all your great pictures, some of them have really cracked me up! Nothing like a good laugh to get us through the week!

Not long now until Silverstone, I wonder how many of you will be going to Motogp?

Apparently there are a few schedule changes, this is what Bradley Smith is saying on his website:-

The race day programme is different to the usual European grand prix schedule on Sunday at Silverstone.

The 20 lap Motogp race starts at 15.30 local time with Moto3 at 12.40 and Moto2 at 14.00. The morning warm-ups have also changed with Moto3 at 10.00, Moto2 10.30 and MotoGP 11.00.

Practice and qualfying on Friday and Saturday will remain at the usual times.

The pre-event press conference remains at the same 17.00 time on Thursday in the media centre with Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso, Maverick Vinales, Dani Pedrosa, Cal Crutchlow and Scott Redding.

(Wow, how I love Bradley's Website, such a wealth of info!)

Television times:-
BT Sport 2
Friday 25th August 9.00 a.m. - 16.00 pm
Saturday 26th August 9.00 a.m. - 16.15pm
Sunday 27th August 9.45 - 17.30p.m.
Channel 5 highlights - Wednesday 30th August 12.00a.m.

Posted on Aug 17 by George Penny - Excellent website, check it out when you get a mo, well worth a visit.

(I must make a point of showing hubby this picture before he looks at how much I have packed for our French trip!)
With that said, let's take a look at what is being said around the web.....

Rossi:- 'We go to Silverstone after a day of testing in Misano and I want to go back on track immediately to find out if we have been able to find positive solutions to improve our bike. Silverstone is a very fun and beatiful track but also very demanding. This track is very long and there are so many changes of direction at high speed. It's important to find a perfect set-up of the bike, in braking and in the fast corners. It's really nice track for me and for my riding style. 

I want to do a good weekend and fight for the podium!' - Quote Motogp

This will be Rossi's 300th premier-class start at Silverstone.

Vinales:- 'Im really excited to arrive at Silverstone again. It's special track for me as I won my first Motogp race there last year, so I will give my 100%. We completed the private Misano test with a good feeling and we will work hard to find a good set-up when we start work in Silverstone on Friday. I like the track lay-out a lot, because there are many fast corners, many chicanes, and that's something that really suits my riding style.

Honestly, it's one of the best tracks on the calendar. It's one of the Grand Prix that I'm always eager to go to and I will do my best and give my maximum to repeat last year's victory!' - Quote Motogp

Folger:- 'I really like the Silverstone track so after the unlucky weekend that we had in Austria, we are looking forward to the British Grand Prix where we will attack and try to clinch a good result. I am certain that we will come back in a strong way ad we have to collect points because Brno and Spielberg didn't go to plan. 

I'm sure that we can show our true level at Silverstone, which is a circuit that I really enjoy riding at.' - Quote Motogp

Smith:- ' We are going to Misano for a test before Silverstone to help with tyres and set up ready for that first practice on Friday mornig. For KTM in their first season to get three top ten finishes in a row would be awesome.

 Hopefully it's my turn and at my home grand prix'. Quote Bradley Smith (more can be found on his website blog.)

Crutchlow:- I think it (the hard front tyre) was the right choice for me, even though we had some problems throughout the race, but 15th was a disappointing result. We didn't find a great setting all weekend and the problem was I lost 12 seconds in six laps and that was it really. I got run off the track three times and got hindered at the start. Once I was riding alone at the end of the race I felt really good, I had good pace but we had a problem up until lap 18 as well which didn't help. But no excuses, I didn't ride great all weekend either.

 I look forward to Silverstone now, it's always great to go home and especially after two frustrating races.' - Quote Cal Crutchlow Facebook Page

So, that's it for now folks on the Motogp, I wonder who will win!


The piccies this week have been brill, please keep them coming....

Oh, and by the way, this is my 50th blog post! Not bad ehh, quite hard for me being strict with myself to write weekly.

I have actually decided to write another blog and seperate it from this one, it's going to be called Sow,Hoe,Grow,Repeat, you guessed it, it's going to be purely related to my allotment, gyo, and gardening, my other love.

You'll be able to click on the page within my motorbikesandme blog, I think....

Moving on, well our tour is very close now and I have had the pleasure of packing for a fortnight all my lovely clothes in the two bags pictured below! Now I'm pleased with what I managed to get into the bags. 

And then there's my sandals and trainers....

And my overnight bag and evening outfit for the first B&B on our way down to Biarritz...
The bag below has the two zipped bags inside and then this goes into one of the paniers, or so I think....

Hubby returns from home, dry I must add, and straight away says, 'youv'e got to much in those bags', well, my blood pressure went out the roof! He just doesn't get it, being a lady it's necessary especially when riding to take nice clothes on holiday and bring some normality back to being on holiday. I have my biker gear and I have my lady gear!

(Yes, they are the knee pads from his biking trousers covering his eyes! Mad man!)
So, I have explained to hubby that I think before he instructs me to halve what I would like to take he should just try to load up Bess our Bandit with all the gear and then see if she's overweight!

I know he will tell me to take some stuff out, what I'm going to take out I donot know! I need it all. (I wonder how Jackie is getting on, the pillion passenger on Mike our friends bike who are touring with us! Mike has given her the whole top box, lucky girl!)

Watch this space to see whether I can indeed take the two little bags that hubby has so kindly given me.

I understand that we have to take lots of different tools for the bike, just in case....

But really! Do I have to give up my lovely clothes!

Well thats it for now folks, enjoy the Motogp and the Bank Holiday, ride safe.....

Until laters....

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday is here....

Hi folks, who else is missing Motogp....

Hope your weeks going well. Thanks for all your wheelie piccies and please keep them coming.

So, I'm missing Motogp, sure you are too.

Surprise, my post is really early this week!

Let's chinwag about something that is really getting on my nerves at the moment and as I have no round up of  Motogp. I am sure you will appreciate why it's getting on my nerves once you have read my dilemma..

It's that time of the year when garden fences have to be maintained! Yes you heard right! My dilemma is having to paint the fence in our back garden. O.k, so we all have to do these mundaine things but I am so frustrated at having to give my time up at the lottie and riding with our biker friends to one of those jobs that seems to take for ever.

It's not as if I have to do it all on my own because hubby is helping with it too, it's just such a boring job! And, it doesn't help that we have to do our neighbours sides too!

Now, I am not one to winge, but after spending Sunday cutting back all of the shrubs and clearing my rockery, I am exhausted and the thought of today going out and painting a panel before hubby comes home from work and after doing the housework (day off!) is just to much!

The problem with me is that I can't sit still and I really do need too to so as to regain some energy, so, I thought the only way that I would sit still is if I wrote on my blog and looked at all of the wonderful wheelies that get sent to me via facebook and twitter.

The thing is though I am feeling so guilty! Although I am totally exhausted after the work that we not just me did in the garden at the weekend, sitting here and writing on my blog knowing that the fence is staring at me and needing doing whilst hubby is working is making me feel that I am being lazy.

 That said, I know that I am not lazy! I know that I have worked hard in the house today, almost slaughtered myself yesterday in the garden and have to do a 12 hour shift at work tomorrow!

 Giving up riding with our biker friends on Sunday does not bare well either! They all went to Kimmeridge bay whilst me and hubby worked our socks off!

 Enough of my whinging! Do I feel better writing it down? No unfortunately not, the fence is still looking at me.....

 Motogp hasn't helped having a break!

 And Rossi, well, I hope he comes back fighting fit and raring to get that 10th title because I know his fans are crying out for him to get it!

No pressure there then!!

Anyway, whinging over, get on with it is what springs to mind...

 I receive so many biker pictures that I am thinking of expanding my blog to include other pictures that are what I would say challenging moves, seems such a waste not to share them with others. 

For example, this picture below, absolutely incredible how the bike didn't go over! 

Yep, that's it I have made my mind up, I am going to add any piccies that are sent to me which are outstanding, different, challenging, funny or out of the ordinary...

Like these below.....

Omg! Couldn't believe what I saw when this was sent to me, lol....

Now that's what I call travelling light! Not....

 This one is different too, look how close all of those riders are....

How many of you have found your bike stuck in the mud....

Posy piccies too, can be fun, lol......



So, that said, I can only add them if you send them to me! So, get looking threw your piccies and start sending them to me via facebook and twitter and I will add them to my blog for other biker crazy folk to see.

And yes, I do have many followers!

Mmm, feeling better now, really enjoyed looking through pictures and adding them took my mind of the dreaded fence!

Anyway, for now and until next time happy riding and ride safe and hopefully my next blog will be more about motogp.

Oh, and please share to all of your friends, they too may have some fantastic pictures for us all to enjoy that they would like to send to me.

Until laters......