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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday if you Love Unique Pictures of Motorbikes Your Love my Blog

What great pictures for this week, keep them coming and thank you all!

Hi folks, hope all's well with you all, for me, another week closer to our tour and Motogp is back!

We finally finished the fence so me I'm a happy bunny! 

Motogp is back after the summer break which seemed to last for ever and I think that wer'e in for a fab second part of the season.

Thanks to Valentino Rossi's team for all the pictures that they share with me and to everyone else that share there great pictures on my facebook and Twitter page, I really enjoy looking at them and adding them to my blog for others to see. 

So, lets crack on with what is being said around the web....

Rossi:- 'Ive rested during these holidays. I've passed a lot of time with my friends, but I returned to training and preparing myself as soon as possible and I feel good. I trained at the gym and on the bike, but now I want to go back to my M1 and work together with my team. 

The championship is still wide open and we will have to work hard to be always on the podium. Brno is a track I really like, I have a lot of good memories of this circuit and I hope I can make it another nice race this weekend. It will be important to be quick from the first session'. Quote - Motogp

Folger:- 'I want to show I can be back up there with the best, I can't wait to get back on the track, as the holidays have given me a chance to recharge and I'm feeling strong. I feel confident ahead of Brno and think that the Yamaha can work really well at Brno. I'm sure that we can have another great weekend.' Quote - GPOne

Smith:- 'I mean, we tried a lot of things, Smith told ' A two and a half week period is maybe not long enough to bring all of the parts to Brno. We took some positive steps that I was really pleased with atAragon.

'We learnt a lot, what points are touching our weak areas at the moment. Of course KTM and everyone wants to put on a good show at Speilberg. We'll be pushing to bring the best possible package. It's a matter of can we produce everything in time'. Quote - Crash

Vinales:- 'I've enjoyed the summer break a lot. I spent it with friends and family, but now I can't wait to be back aboard my Yamaha YZR-M1 again. We have to be focused on the second half of the season as it is going to be crucial if we want to fight for the championship title. There is no room for mistakes.

 I've been training during these weeks to be ready for Brno and Austria, two tracks that I really like and where I think that I can be strong'. Quote - Motogp

Pedrosa:- 'We've had four weeks without racing but not entirely without action as we had a positive test in Brno in mid-July which was very useful for working on the setup of our bike. The weather was good and we could fully exploit both days. I've been training in anticipation for second half of the season but I also had time for some holidays, which was good to disconnect a bit and recharge the batteries. Now I'm looking forward to jumping on my bike again at Brno, which is one of my favourite tracks on the calendar. I have some very good memories there and together with my team I'll do my utmost to get another good result next Sunday'. Quote - Motogp

Crutchlow:- 'I think the expectation is to win when I can. I know for sure there is more pressure on Marc and Dani to win than me. But I think the pressure that HRC would put me to win is probably about the same amount that I put on myself so I will try my best and always do my 100% on Sunday.' Quote Motogp

Iannone:- 'I'ts a very difficult part of the Championship for us, because we expected a completely different situation. The first impression with the bike was fantastic. But during the winter we tried to improve some things, some parts.But now we haven't improved in some areas. But I think that step-by-step and with a good focus, me and Suzuki have the same goal, and for sure I believe we will arrive.' Quote - Motogp

Marquez:- 'We'll try to make the best of the work we've done during the test and to prepare to fight for the podium on Sunday.' Quote CRASH

Well, I think the guys have had a rest and are all raring to go, I wonder what excitement their all going to bring to Motogp for the rest of the season. Can't wait till Sunday!


Moving on, I want to touch on crash helmet hair for us ladies.

So, what I want to know is, how come, must of my friends who ride pillion and indeed ride their own bikes, when they take their crash helmets off their hair looks the same as when they first put the helmet on.

Why, when I take my crash helmet off do I have the helmet hair!

Hubby finds it hilarious whenever I take my crash helmet off! Honestly, I just don't get it, my hair is always in a ponytail but It always comes out of the helmet like I have been electracuted!
If anyone can give me any ideas of how to get it so that when I remove my crash helmet I don't look like I've been pulled through a hedge I would really appreciate it!

Anyway for now, thanks for the piccies, please share and keep them coming, and please all ride safe...

Until laters....