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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Chinwagwithme About Motogp on Wheelie Wednesday and More

Hi Folks, welcome back to my blog on Wheelie Wednesday!

Hope your week is going well, mine, well I have had the week off and am thoroughly enjoying the break!

So lets talk about the Motogp at Jerez. I just don't get it, how can tyres have such a massive impact on the way a bike is handled? Soft, medium, hard, back, front, to me when I get on the back of a bike I don't even give a thought to what tyres are on the bike.

So hubby has said to me that I just don't understand the mechanics of motorbikes, yes I love to watch Motogp and follow the racers and I like to look at the pictures that I am sent of motorbikes and wheelies alike.

I suppose I need to look at it in a different light, if the tools for a particular job aren't working properly then the final result is not good, lets say in the case of making a lovely fruit cake if my mixer doesn't work properly then the cake will probably sink. Think I have now answered my own question.

Quite a few crashes too this time with Crutchlow and Espargaro going crashing at the same turning at seperate times and what a scene when Bautista took out Miller at turn one, never seen a rider so angry!

Well done to Danni great start and great finish. Well deserved.

Let's see what has been said around the web this week shall we.....

Pedrosa:- 'At some corners, the front tire was very critical, It was easy to make a mistake if you pushed too hard. At one time,  think I was off the track. The weekend was amazing' Quote Motorcyclist

Folger:- 'I am pleased with the result and we collected some important points for the championship. I still need to keep improving, but especially on the opening lap. I made too many mistakes when we got going, but in the race, when the tyres dropped, my pace was similar to Maverick and Johann and I made up a lot of ground.

This seems to be the case so far in my rookie season, but I need to work on myself and analyse the Grand Prix to see what I can do differently so that I don't lose as many positions in the first five or six laps.

It was my fourth point scoring finish this year, which I am happy about, and I hope to make a step up at the next round.' Quote Motogp

Smith - 'Qualifying was solid but it was tricky in the race today as we'd never run with these kind of track temperatures with a hard front tyre, so it's still a learning process. With hindsight, we could have changed some things but that's what we learn as a team with this project.

But what a step forward from the first three races and a great step to again look forward to at the next race at Le Mans. We have a chance to set tomorrow and get some more data under our belt so that's great'. Quote Bradley Smith Website

Miller:- 'Youv'e all seen the incident with Alvaro Bautista and what happened afterwards when I pushed him after we'd crashed. I went and saw Alvaro afterwards in the box and talked to him. I also got fined 1000 Euros for what I did and yes, I know it wasn't the right thing to do. But there was no way he was going to stop the bike. No way.

He came in too hot, I was halfway into the corner and he hadn't even turned yet, and he just cleaned me out. He's been riding in the world championship longer than I've been riding a road bike, so he should know better than that.

I was just so frustrated because the first few laps were crazy with people lunging from miles back.' Quote - Redbull Australia motorsport

Lorenzo:- 'I saw +1s, +1.3. So in the moment I felt, Ok, keep pushing, keep being focused, it can be our day to finally make it happen with Ducati'. Quote Autosport

Espargaro:- 'We were riding slower than Moto2, street bikes, so this unbelievable. Impossible. We spend a lot of millions to come here and lap slower than Spanish championship superbikes.

'The tyre needs to improve a lot. The problem was not to be fast, the problem was not to be fast, the problem was to stay on the bike. It was one of the most difficult races for me.

'I had the harder option but for me when the track temperature is like this as soon as you release the front bracke just losing, losing, no weight, no pushing to the ground'. Quote Autosport

Rossi :-   'A very difficult race. We didn't expect it. We expected to be stronger, to be more competitive, especially when looking at the result of the past few years here in Jerez.

We struggled always very much with the spinning in acceleration. It was the main problem for all of the weekend. For the race, we try to modify the balance first of all because we were worried for the life of the medium rear.

Anyway, the hard was impossible to use. We tried to spin less. In the end it was worse. I lost feeling in the front. The race was also very difficult for braking, for entering [the corners] in all places where during practice I was better.  In the end, during the last six or seven laps, especially on the left, I started to have a very high vibration and to slow down three seconds per lap. At the end I was lucky to arrive [at the finish].

Sincerely speaking, I cannot speak about problems of degradation because I never had grip. I had a lot of spin also in the qualifying and degradation arrived after ten laps.
We tried some things but we were always struggling. Why? I don't know. Now, we'll check the data. This track is usually one where you spin a lot, especially in the last years. But this time we suffer more.

Now it's easy to say we did a mistake. We risk but as always we had to try because in the warm-up I was ninth. I thought with that setting we could have tried to do a bit better.
But we thought we could make a good race, not just better. This didn't work. It looks like during this weekend our bike was always fighting with the tyres. This made everything more difficult.

It's very interesting if you look at the results because we are four riders [separated by] ten points. You have to look not just at today, but in general from the first race. In the first two races our bike worked very well and ViƱales rode very well and we put two bikes on the podium.

In the next two Honda made the same. I think this year will be like this. Every race track is another story. It's like a mini-championship but we hope that in Le Mans we can go faster.” Quote

Dovizioso:- 'Well I'm happy about the result, because to start 14th in Jerez where everybody knows how difficult it is to gain a position, especially for us. So I'm really happy with how the race was'. Quote

Vinales:- ' I think today was good, we worked quite hard and tried to find a good set-up. Honestly, the right side of the tyre is really good, but when I go onto the left side I suddenly have a lot of wheel spin'. Quote

So there we have it for this week folks, let's hope that things are a little more settled at Le Mans ehh.

Just a few days out for you all to consider from around the web, thanks for sending them to me.

So this crazy guy whilst I'm in the middle of writing my blog asks 'do you want a ride'.....

Let me know what make it is in the comments, if that is you know..... I'll update you next week.

Anyway, thats it for this week folks, have a great week back to watching Shed and Buried with Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove, cracks me up!

Le Mans on Sunday, yippee!

Ride safe..