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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Allotments Progress Over a Period of a Month

The Allotment's progressing nicely even if I do say so myself!

Hi folks, been a while since I wrote on my blog about the allotment, been so so busy!

Over the past couple of weeks I took photo's of the plants in the greenhouse and on the plot to show you all how much things have progressed.

I must have a really good site because everything seems to be popping up everywhere including the weeds and the grass in the borders.

It really is extremely hard work, staying enthusiastic is becoming quite a challenge because, me, I am not very patient. I like to be able to do something and that's it it's done, no waiting around for things to happen.

With the allotment it truly is a waiting game, lots of work and lots of waiting around for things to happen. And then it is also out of your control, you can sow the seeds, pot them on, water them and talk to them (if that's what you like to do!) but then the rest is really out of your hands.

Being in control and a positive thinker is really tested when at the allotment because there is always so much to do and I honestly think that I will never get on top of all the jobs no matter how hard I work.

When I get home after spending a full day at the allotment although I am totally relaxed  I am totally exhausted!

I can see why most of the allotmenteers are retired, they have the time on their side with their neat plots, makes me a little envious. I know, my time will come but not for some time yet and am I really ready for that, no, I don't think I am.

After a week off and not helping the patience at the surgery I realise how much I devote my energy on them and I really am not ready to give up on them yet.

Anyway, take a look at the progress.....

Week 1
week 2

As you can see in the week 2 picture the plants have become well established, canes have been put in place ready for the tomatoes the climb up freely. Amazing how much they have grown in the space of a week.

Week 1
Week 2

And I would say that week 2 on the opposite side of the greenhouse has doubled in size too.

Week 1

Ok, so this is the swedes and as you can see they have only just started to appear.

Week 2

And the picture above clearly shows have much they have grown in the space of a week, de-weeding needs to be done and I am determined to get up to the allotment to do this at the weekend.

I think the little gems are almost ready to dig up, I ran out of time and haven't had a chance to de-weed either. When I looked closer I could also see that there was definitely another row of something in between the lettuces and I don't mean weeds, there is definitely something else in this bed, so, we shall have to wait and see.

Radishes and Rocket just starting to appear

week 1
Week 2

And look at this, double the size in week 2. Wow, I'm impressed even if I do say so myself.

eek 1
Week 2

Under the cloche I have put in sweetcorn seeds, as the weeds are growing under there I am sure that they will come up soon, I hope they do anyway, I would love to be able to say that I have grown my own sweetcorn.

Now I'm not at all proud of this sight! This bed has my chard bright lights in it, and the idea is for it to look great alongside the sweetpeas and dill in the middle beds and then on the other side chard bright lights too.

Week 1
Week 2

And in week two as you can see the weeds too have doubled in size! I can now see the chard and when I go up to the allotment the two chard beds are the first I intend to sort out. How embarrassing! Time just goes so quickly, and there were seeds to be sown and that takes so much time. Now that's done I can concentrate on de-weeding and mowing the lawn.

Week 1

So the sweet peas are happy and starting to grow and so is the lavetara, just need to keep tying in the sweet peas. And clear the chard plots!

 Week 2

week 1

The broad beans too are growing beautifully, the bed behind them have all sorts of things in it. I'll talk about that when the seedlings appear.

Week 2

So the two beds below, the one at the back with the netting is the cauliflower bed and the other one is the onion bed.

The cauliflowers have been nibbled a little and this happened because I hadn't covered them with netting. And the onions are few and far between so there is plenty of room in the bed for my leeks.

week 1

Week 2

Leeks are all in now and it took me absolutely ages, at least four hours, firstly I had to make holes then drop the leeks into each hole and then fill them with water, doesn't sound much but it really did test my patients. Glad that job is done.

week 1
Week 2

The cauliflowers have now been sorted out and hubby has put up plastic tubing so that the netting is off of the them, I'll see how they go and if I think there is a chance of them producing flowers they can stay in. 

Spuds are coming up, really pleased with there progress too.

So all in all things are progressing very nicely although time has been against me since day 1.

I really have to try to fit in some more time after our trip to France as the time is going to be needed to keep up with the de-weeding, sowing more seeds and the watering seems to take for ever.

Out of all the jobs the watering for me seems to be the most tedious. Thank goodness we have some rain in the South at the moment so the greenhouse is all that needs to be watered three times a week.

That said I hope it doesn't rain to much as a load of the seeds aren't up yet and I don't want them to flood and not come up at all.

So much to think about....

The Suntop

The shrubs in the back garden have grown a little to big now and I can't even see the suntop! That said the seeds do really well and the whole of the allotment has been filled up by seeds grown in the suntop and in the greenhouse at the allotment.

All of the peppers are growing nicely in the suntop at the mo but as of next week they are going to be hardened off and put out in the final bed at the allotment. I know I am taking a chance but I believe they will do better outside than in and I just haven't got the room in greenhouse for them to grow on in there.

Above are the sunflowers and the messy part of the suntop that you can't see normally as it is at floor level. I have now tidied it up and everything looks a whole lot different than it did when I took this piccy.

So, in the trays with lids are the pumpkin seeds and squashes and cabbages, hopefully they will be up soon.

The herb rockery is looking lovely....

That's it then, up to date, that brings us up to yesterday. Most of the seeds are in and the next job is to weed and then to get the grass borders looking smarter.

Hopefully once that is done it will be a case of just trying to keep on top of everything and adding more seeds as the first batch start to reach full growth.

With our France trip approaching quickly I don't think I will reach my target, that said, does it really matter? I have to learn that if I don't meet my goal for that day that it really doesn't matter and make it more fun (yeah right, who am I kidding!)

Exciting ehh, I saw the red of my first radish yesterday, so I'm hoping to have some ready to pull at the weekend.

Sad to get excited over a radish I know!

Until next time, happy allotmenteering and lets hope that our new crops don't get water logged with this wonderful UK weather........

Oh and thanks for following my story on the allotment.

(Update:- from wonderful sunny France.

So I am sat here and realise that I haven't posted my allotment blog!

The weather here in France is 24 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow we return to the UK and it's wonderful weather.

I can't wait to visit my allotment, family have kept me up to date with the weather and I am quite sure after 9 days the plants would have tripled in size.)

Look out for my next allotment blog with an update and piccies.

Happy allotmenting....

Monday, April 24, 2017

My Attempt at Making Wigwams for the Sweet peas

No laughing at my Wigwams!

Hi folks, well it's been yet another busy Saturday down at the allotment, I managed to get my wigwams up, no laughing now, it took me ages, not an easy feat, but I finally got them up and the sweet peas are in with lavetera in the middle. Can't wait to see them in the middle of the summer right up the top of the poles, and  I know they smell lovely too!

It doesn't look much at the moment I know, it is getting there though, once all the beds show signs of growth I'm sure that the plot will look totally different than it does now.

Hubbies really good at watering...

The cauli's are doing well and so are the onions, this weekend if the weather is ok I plan to put in the leeks.

No sign from the spuds or the sweetcorn under the cover but the rocket and salad leaves around the outside of the bed are starting to come up.

Now the two beds either side of the wigwams separated by the bricks looks like a load of weeds but in there is chard, because I am not sure what the seedlings would look like I have had to let the weeds grow so that I can distinguish which is the chard!

Little gems are coming up nicely, on Saturday I will tidy them up and put them into neat rows, signs of the parsnips are there too.

Sweetcorn's under the cloche.

Look at these beauties, the sweetpeas are going to be fab....

Cauli's are doing well too, can you see the little row of seeds as well, can't remember what they are at the mo but I have put a label in and will check and let you know later.

Onions are few and far between but the bed will be full once I put in the leeks.

Leeks, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes, Nasturium and Marigolds all ready to go in the ground but me I'm not ready for them!

Chard in there somewhere!
No sign of spuds...

Greenhouse full to the brim!

So I have to plan my time and it's proving to be difficult. Each new challenge I take on takes an awful lot longer than I thought it would. For example, I thought that the wig wams would take lets say one hour max to put up, who was I kidding, they took me a good two hours and then the sweet peas took another two hours to put in and tie in to the canes. Just hoeing the one onion bed took an hour!

It really is very time consuming and very slow to show all the hard work that I put in.

That said I absolutely love it, when I go up next time I look at what I have done so far and the plants growing in the greenhouse, cold frame and the beds and feel really pleased with myself.

I'm still not convinced though that I can actually grow in the ground, sounds daft I know but I haven't got to the stage where I can eat anything yet, once that happens then I will start to believe in myself.

The Suntop

At home in the suntop I have other plants too that I am nurturing  either to go in the garden or up at the allotment.

Sunflowers above which I plan to put right at the back of the allotment so that when I go up I hopefully will be greeted with a load of bright tall yellow flowers which will also hide the fence at the back during the Summer.

Tomatoes and Sweet peppers, these will be taken up to the allotment and grown on in the greenhouse, not yet though, not until I have potted them on.

Lavetera, Celeriac and I'm not sure what the others are, unfortunately lost the marker!

Melons and more plants that have no markers, sure they are flowers...

Little parsley, only one seed took.

Well, that's it for now folks, hubby and I have started to cycle up to the allotment during the week to water, gonna be really fit if I keep this lot up!

Happy allotmenting until later....

No wonder I'm shattered! Just found the picture that I posted in one of my first blog's about the allotment, I'm sure I have sown most of these seeds!!!!

Thanks for following and don't forget to share.....