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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday and Come Chinwagwithme About Motogp at Jerez

Hi everyone welcome to my blog....

Hope your week is going well so far, great having a Bank Holiday to shorten the week, makes the weekend seem so much longer.

Thank you all for all of your wonderful pictures that I have added here for all to see, please keep them coming.

Motogp at Jerez on Sunday and are we all excited, I think we are. So far the Motogp has been one not to miss.

With Rossi being on the podium at the last three races, Quatar, Argentina and Texas   I wonder what this legend will pull out of the bag on Sunday at Jerez.

It got me thinking about the different nicknames that he has, including the goat, the doctor and VR46.

The Goat, Greatest of all Time, really does sum up this racer, who can better him? Agostini? Can you think of any racer that you think may better this legend, if you can then I would love to hear your views, leave a comment at the end of my blog and I'll get back to you, let's chinwag.

With a clear six point lead will he better his results so far and win at Jerez, ooh, so exciting!

Had to include this great sculpture, isn't it a beauty!

Let's talk Motogp roundup of comments on the web.....

I have laid out the comments under each of your pictures so that you can look at the pictures and read the comments too instead of bunching it all up in a writing space this time.

Vinales:- 'Jerez is a good track for Yamaha, they've always been very fast there, so I know that I can be strong and fast' - Quote MotoSponsor

'Jerez is a good track for Yamaha, they've always been very fast there, so I know that I can be as strong and fast in Jerez as I was in Austin and as I have been at all the tracks during the start of this season.

We just should be focused, find a good set-up for the bike and push until the end of the race. I'm extra motivated for the next round'. Quote

Crutchlow:- 'There is no reason why we can't go and do another good job in Jerez'. Quote - Motogp

Rossi - ' When I start a season, in all my career, my first target is to try to win a race. This year is the same. To stay at the top with Marquez and Vinales will be very hard, but we have to enjoy the moment. It's already good like this.

Now we go back to Europe, arriving at the very good part of the championship because we have Jerez, Le Mans, Mugello, Barcelona, Assen.

They are tracks that give to me fantastic memories, are very enjoyable with Motogp and the atmosphere is the real Motogp world championship.

Apart from that, we have to continue like this, stay concentrated and try the maximum'. Quote  Autosport

Some events coming up soon around the world.....

Lorenzo:- When asked if wheelie control was a particular problem, Lorenzo replied, 'Not as much i wheelie, but more in front contact almost everywhere. We lose some contact so in some areas we have to close some more throttle, we lose a lttle bit more than the other brands.

They decised to change the rules, so we have to adapt our evolution with these rules. So many accelerations at Austin, we dont have the same force in the front.

But it's like that, we have to forget that and work to improve the bike without the wings'. Quote Autosport

Zarco:- 'The Jerez round marks the beginning of the European races and it certainly will be interesting for us because the first three grands prix took place at very big and long cicuits in Qatar, Argentina and Texas.

The Spanish circuit is much shorter and tighter so I am curious to see how I will control the bike at this venue. After the great feeling in Texas and the solid fight to 5th position, I want to keep pushing and get as close as possible to the podium.

By the end of the last race, I was not far from the top three so I will keep working hard in order to reach this target'. Quote -

Folger:- 'This is an event that I look forward to because I really like the circuit, plus, it will be good to start racing on European soil again, I have some good memories of the race track including last year, where I fought to a podium finish in the Moto2 class.

In fact, the Circuito de Jerez is one of my favourite venues and I am excited to jump on my Yamaha and experience its power at the track, which is short, twisting and physical'. Quote -

Espargaro:-'I feel something good is coming, but we have to be patient'.
Quote - Autosport

'I can't wait to get on the bike again for the two-day test at Mugello then on Monday we go to Le Mans for another test before the Jerez race weekend. We have a big schedule ahead of us so it will be good to forget this race'. Quote -

Iannone:- ' I really hope this will be a positive race for us. Last year we did some testing here in Jerez and it left me with a positive feeling. Also the performance wasn't bad.

This gives me some real confidence for this race. We will need to work hard from the very beginning on Friday to fix some issues we have encountered, but we already have some ideas. I'd really like to end next Sunday with a smile on our faces'.
Quote - Motogp

Were you aware that Motogp has been held at Jerez 31 times.

Honda has had seven wins at Jerez.

Yamaha too have had seven.

Ducati's had one and that was Nicky Hayden finishing third in 2011.

For the past thirteen years there has been at least one Spanish rider on the podium at Jerez.

Rossi has been the most successful rider at Jerez with nine grand prix victories to his name!

In the last five years there have been five different winners, Stoner, Lorenzo, Rossi, Pedrosa and Marquez.

Motogp TV times:- BT Sport 2, Friday 5th May 8.00a.m. - 15.00pm - Saturday 6th May 8.00a.m. to 15.15pm - Sunday 7th May 7.30a.m. to 15.00pm- Monday 8th May 19.00p.m. Highlights Channel 5

Had to add this picture that was sent to me, great way to film the races.....

Had to add this piccy....

So, there we have it, looks like all the riders love the European circuits and looks like they are really keen to improve on their individual performances doesn't it.

Time to go now folks, thanks again for your follows and pictures, really love working on my Wheelie Wednesday blog.

Good luck to all the riders and to all you lovely motorbikers.

Check in again next time and don't forget to like, comment and share.

Ride safe all......

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wheelie Wednesday and What a Weekend With Motogp

What a fabulous start to Motogp!

Never under estimate Rossi!
Good start to a fresh new season!

Well, what a race, after a very slow start due to conditions the wait was well worth it wasn't it folk.

Rossi never fails to entertain us fans...

Well done to Maverick Vinales, the team look well pleased.

And Rossi, competitive and calculated as usual.

Very true that teamwork gains the best results especially in the case of Yamaha!

Lovely to see Rossi beaming with satisfaction it's as if he's saying to all those who thought he had reached his limit take that you lot!

And Vinales too, he looks so determined and raced with determination.

Now, who was it who knocked Rossi's camera off the back, when I watched the highlights on Channel 5 I couldn't quite make out who it was?

Here we have the standings from the first race at Qatar, great to see Vinales and Rossi right up there. Well done to Dovi too.

True friends....

What a great bunch of guys all raring to go with hunger in their blood to win that title.

Round up of some of the quotes this week I've found on the web:-

Vinales - 'I feel incredible and it shows in the results. We did a great a job during the whole weekend and we started good in the test, then in FP1 we were already feeling really good. The race was difficult, it started to rain and there was a bit of confusion because we didn't know what to do. The first laps were very challenging, the track was so slippery and I wanted to take it easy and stay calm. I knew I had good pace, so I tried to push at the very end of the race. There were many crashes at the front, so I waited for the right moment and finally we took the victory'. Quote motorcyclenews

Rossi - 'Starting the season with a podium is always great, better than last year'. 'I have to say a great thank you to Yamaha and all my team because in all this period I always felt a great support and trust in me'. Quote Autosport

Dovizioso - 'I'm very pleased with the result and the job we did this weekend: it was difficult for everyone because of the conditions we encountered, but we calmly arrived at the race with a competitive set-up. We were even better at choosing the rear tire on the grid, changing strategy and switching to the soft tire. In the final part of the race I tried to hold back Maverick but I don't think that we could have done anything better today'. - Quote Cycle World

Iannone - 'I made a mistake'. 'Maybe this is a lesson for the future, I have to wait for a better situation to pass a slower rider and not be so impulsive'. Quote Motorcyclist

Zarco - 'We can say that (it was) a rookie mistake'. 'I just wanted to go, and I said that if you make the decision to go fast and push, you can find the limit. I accept what I choose'. - Quote

Espargaro - 'For sure, this track for us was our weakest track' - Quote Autosport

Marquez - 'After the race, I think with a hard I was able to fight for the victory until the end But maybe I was also able to crash! Because the hard in the end gives less warnings, and maybe I put the hard, I'm more competitive, but I crash'. - Quote

Just some of the many comments made on line. Eww, it's gonna be an exciting season me thinks....

So, our weekend was great, went out for a rideout with hubby, first one this year, not to cold and I'm ready to start building up the time spent sat on the bike for our tour to Biarritz later on in the year to get my bottom prepared for lots of miles.

This is Bess, our gorgeous bike.....
Follow my story to see where she takes us....

A272 Corhampton road, just has to be done for the first rideout of the year.

Anyone would think it was the middle of summer looking at that sky!

So, the first ride out with the Triumph club starts this weekend leaving from Lysses Car Park, Fareham for a 9am departure. We will be going to Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury to view vintage aircraft flying and enjoying refreshments from the Skies cafe.

So, that's it from me for this week folks, great start to the new season of motorbiking, racing until later, ride safe......